We know the TWINS gender :D

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.. Em Fad3ouses will not be Em Fad3ouses any more :D … she is having BOYS .. 2 cute little identical boys YUPPYYYYYYYYYYY :D Few months ago I announced the pregnancy .. that was one wonderful day :) .. later on I requested from you guys some babies names and I can’t thank you enough for all the help.. THAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU ALL … that was really great :)

And now we know.. they are boys :D

Yousef and Bilal .. those are the names we picked from an earlier post months a go :)


Do you see these two little round things? these are the twins from the above, this is headshot for them … :D

I’m soooooooo happy for them, my uncle and Em Fad3ouses I mean Em Yousef and Bilal :D.

The only thing that making me think is how on earth I’m going to tell who’s who????????

They are identical :) ,, it will be impossible to tell… my uncle suggested that we will mark the first one like Harry Poter or something LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D J/K

Mabrook ya jama3a.. good bless you and the babies and inshalla they will be all healthy and definitely SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE :D  

15 Responses to “We know the TWINS gender :D”

  1. sam Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww!! mabrook…cute twin boys…and i have to say i loooove the name bilal…of course im biased since my baby’s name is bilal..:)

  2. Jumana Says:

    mabrooook…twins are great. inshalla t2oom belsalameh

  3. Summer Says:


  4. Maioush Says:

    yay so you have Bilal too :) that’s sweet
    allah ybarek fi 3omrek ya amar

    I fixed the spam IP, I hope it will work for the next time my dear
    Allah ybarek fio 3omrek ya amar

    Allah ybarek feeki ya rab.. I miss you :)

  5. Qabbani Says:

    mabrook , o 2toom beslalameh 2nsha2 allah …

    mafee sora colored ? :P

  6. nido Says:

    Shu 7iloooooo!!! Identical!! :D Alf mabrook:) inshallah bijo bissalameh:D

  7. kinziblogs Says:

    Wahoo!!! ALAAAAF mabruuk! I still think Zack and Zeke would be cute!! Better start praying for that Momma…she will be a busy busy lady!

  8. bara2 Says:

    kteeer nice w 7elo…
    u know the most beautiful thing in the world is babies ..
    allah ywafe2hom yarab …
    this is so exciting but i have a question ..
    elnas shu 7aynadooha ..em belal wela em yousef?
    wa7ad 7aye6la3 za3lan :P

  9. Jasim Says:

    Ma3 inni mish fahem lessatni nos el mema3a bus Mabrook yallah yetrabo bi 3izkom ya rab :D

  10. Jano Says:

    maiooooooooooooooo miss you waleh :( mabrook alf mabrook wallah :)
    jd miss you fe kteer 7aki :(

  11. Maioush Says:

    alah ybarek feek ya rab.. 3o2balak :D

    saaaaaaa7??? ra7 yetla3o bejanenno… ya lahwi ana mn hallla2 bastanna :D

    I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOUUUUUUUUU… walahi i miss you so much girl, allah ybarek feeki ya rab.. you are so sweet :)

    walahi so2al mohem… hala2 3ammi bedo Bilal o heye bedha Yousef, so 3ala el a’3lan ra7 yseero howi abu Bilal, o heye em yousef LOOOOOOOOOOOL :D

    allah ybarek feek, mart 3ammi 7amel b twins wlad hadi kol el ossa :D

    aMiss you aktar walahi ya 3omri, jad miss you, allah ybarek fi 3omrek, inshalla i’ll call you bokra akeed, i can feeel that there is a lot to say, 7asseh 3aleaki walahi

  12. Na3ouri Says:

    مبروك و الله يتمم على خير

  13. shema Says:

    mabrouk ya 3sal bs dery balek 7y9er fe la5ba6a kter el ayam el jay… es2al mjareb wala tes2al 7akeeem

    bec my sisters are twins…

  14. Who-sane Says:

    How cute! I wonder what the babies are thinking right now, so cute :)

  15. Em Bilal/Yousef Says:

    i enjoyed reading your post and all the comments. update, i started feeling bilal and yousef’s tiny kicks last week. they even wake me up at night when they move. i think they are preparing me for the months ahead when they come.

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