We are on fire!

 This is bad, really bad, I couldn’t sleep all night, I was waking up every hour to stay up another hour, I’ve never seen weather worse than this in my entire life.

California is on fire, more than 27 huge fires, we have 2 close ones, I can’t see the flame, and I didn’t feel it much yesterday, but during the night it was getting worse by the hour, at this point, I can’t breath, this is the worst allergy I’ve ever got, I can’t open m y eyes, and I’m so congested, it’s like I never got the surgery!!!

I just took a quick look from the window, the sky is sooooooo gray and it’s 95° out there, ashes are every where, add to all that mix some humidity .. What do get?? The worst weather you can imagine.

I hate LA!!!!

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  1. secratea Says:

    Oh my, I’d never imagine it that bad.. yalla inshalla the fires are extinguished as soon as possible, the atmosphere gets cleared up!
    Well, so I guess I’ll have to think about another destination for winter break? hehehehe ;)
    Salamaaaaat Maioush ;)

  2. asoom Says:

    Yea I saw it on the news yesterday it looks really intense, we have our share of intense weather pattern due to our geographical location (hurricanes) so I can kind of relate, are they planning on evacuating you guys out?

  3. kinziblogs Says:

    Mai, I’ve been thinking about you and Cafe Lulu since yesterday, as well as other friends who live thataway. Praying for safety.

  4. Maioush Says:

    waleh!! we agreed.. your winter break 3andi :) howeh e7na lessa bedna ndal mwal3een la el sheta :D

    i hope not! but it’s really bad, i’ve never seen something like that walahi.

    oh my god, thank you Kinzi.. pray for safety, it’s getting worse by the hour!

  5. bakkouz Says:

    Why are you still at home? you should hope on a plane and come to aqaba :P

  6. Maioush Says:

    LOL! i wish man.. walahi i wish… yalla e7jezli o hala2 baji :D

  7. Jumana Says:

    Alla y3inkom wallahi

  8. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    yee this is bad…Allah y3enkoum! hope it will be cleared very soon..

  9. Isam Says:

    Take Care !!!

  10. sam Says:

    o yeh..i was watching all those fires on the news last night..it looks bad…inshallah it wont get too close to u and u wont be evactuated….

  11. Noura Says:

    I’ve been watching it on tv, it is the worst fire that hit in years.. It’s terrible that they haven’t been able to contain it yet.. I hope you don’t have to evacuate and things will be under control soon inshallah :) The weather is really out of balance, I guess me and asma have the hurricanes problem and you should see the weather today, 96degrees and raining, humid and sticky, it’s like sitting in a sauna..
    You take care and stay safe :)

  12. wonders Says:

    you poor thing :( why don’t you get a …. the thing that covers the nose and mouth (kamameh) :) i know it is not stylish but it will ease your breathing..
    Take care babe!

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