To blog or not to blog, this is the question…

I’ve been away from blogging since I got married, I even considered closing this blog down, I mean I barely have time now, and the few times that I wrote or left comments made me feel a bit guilty, I was thinking in my head “I should get up and do something more useful around the house, I felt like saying so many things here as I used to, but privacy was my biggest challenge, as everybody knows, this blog is a personal space for me, I don’t write about sports, politics, or religion, more than 3 years now, and this is the first time that I really feel like I can’t write.

Ramadan was hard, but Eid will Wednesday I guess, so Kol 3am O Ento b 5ear ya rab, may god bless you all this Eid and always, I have mixed emotions as Eid is at the door, I mean, I’m so excited cuz this is the first Eid for me and husbandy as married couple, and things has been going great el 7amdolla, with his new job, and a lot of other good things (Qol A3ootho B Rab EL Falaq), and on the other hand, I’m gonna miss being with my family so much, we were suppose to spend this Eid with my family in LA, but due to our schedule, we had to rearrange for El Eid El Kbeer.

Two days ago was the first time I chat with my mom online ( we usually call each other every day), I decided to turn on my web cam, it was so much fun, I took her for a tour in the house, I showed her everything, she got so excited, and commented “Mashalla 3aleaki m3adalleh, beatek ndeef :) ”

back to what I was saying, I want to blog about so many things really, I feel like I can write until tomorrow, but for some reason, it’s not as easy anymore, I mean I love blogging, I love reading other people’s blogs, I made soooooooooo many friend through this blog, I even met my husband through this blog, I will be back to my regular blogging soon, very soon, as for now, Happy Eid everyone.

P.S: we are having Koosa O Dawali to day for Iftar, I will post pictures as soon as I finish cokking :)

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  1. Hisham Says:

    Happy Eid to you and your husband, and thank you for coming by my blog!!
    and wish you a great meal :)

  2. secratea Says:

    la2, Maioush blogging??? tears have come to my eyes upon seeing this post. Walik you are missed, wallahi–like really really missed!
    oh, you gotta continue blogging–update us with whatever is going on, whatever interests you, or even if it’s a picture you’ve taken for something that caught your attention. just don’t quit!

    enjoy your ma7ashiii meal.. yalla si7tain, Maioush and Qwaider :D


  3. Hani Obaid Says:

    Blog but only when you want to. I haven’t been in an expressive mood myself lately, and preferred to read other’s posts than write my own.

    I suppose since you have your own domain, if you decide not to blog, the cost of the hosting would be wasted.

  4. Qwaider Says:

    The Ma7shi was AMAAAAAAZING!
    Yislamo eedaiki 7ayati :)

  5. hamede Says:

    Kul 3am wa antum be 5air.

  6. kinziblogs Says:

    Habeebti Mai, please keep blogging! And, have a WONDERFUL first Eid with husband-ik

  7. Batoul Says:

    To blog, indeed! Take the time you need. I’m sure it’s hard to manage it all in the beginning. I believe there are things to be kept off blog as well. There are limits to where you should let your life be interfered and shared to the public. At times like this, I do “dark” confusing posts lool..
    inshAllah kel sineh wo inty salmeh love! 7ebeekkk <3

  8. Diana Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing great. Allah ye7mekon w ydeem el sa3adeh 3lekon
    kol 3am w ento bkhair :)

  9. nido Says:

    shu not blog?!?! Come on!! Ramadan is almost over…things will get better inshallah…Allah bi3eeenik :) Hanat..madal ishi, arrabt arawwi7 3ashan nirja3 nitsalla mitil awwal :$

    Ma bsaddi2 3milti ma7ashi la ashoof:p

    Kol saneh ou into salmeen:D

  10. Summer Says:

    لأ, عن جد معدّله!! انا لما طبخت الورق العنب المحشي كان لي متزوجه يمكن 5 سنين!! اكله مش سهله ابدا..صحتين و كل عيد وانتو بألف خير

  11. vagueraz Says:

    Happy Eid el Feter :) …

  12. Mona Says:

    Saha wa hana ya Maioush
    wa kul 3am wa antum be5air.

  13. JUMANA :) Says:

    Meshmshtiii ana miss uuu kefeek?? mmmm y2brni lem3adal :* emwah emwah

    wlo habibi >>”I even considered closing this blog down” DONT SAY IT AGAIN PLEASE!!!!!

    wish everybody a very HAPPY, PLESSED and SAFE eid inchalla (o0oo oo0 oo) haw ma3molati ana 3mlton shu taybeen :> let me know if u like M!! heheh

    enjoy ur eid :)
    la tnso my chocolate :p

  14. afaf Says:

    yeah chatting online with loved ones is really cool…i chat online now with my sis in amman, and we have our web cams on…so cool…she is with us in the kitchen and talking to all as if she lives in the house…so cool….she even tutors my kid now…they love it…
    eid mubarak inshalla…chill out it will all be ok soon, inshallah…

  15. sam Says:

    yeh keep on blogging…i know sometimes u think i should be doing other stuff..but then u think ah who cares…i have not been feeling like blogging much these i know how u feel..and sometimes think what is the point…i should just stop..o well…eid mubarak to you and to Q…i hope u have a great first eid together..:o)

  16. LostWithin Says:

    Blog chica , blog :D
    wen soret el ma7ashi ahh?!!

    Kol 3am w enti b kheir w show ur blog some love every once in a while , mashi ? =D

  17. KJ Says:

    Oh noes!

    Listen I have an idea :D (lool)

    don’t waste your time on blogging… keep cooking more and more so that kaman Samer byeltehi with you and the food o bne5la9 menkom into el tnein :P

  18. arhiderrr Says:

    Nice article

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