Thinking Loud

let me think loud with u guys…

what should i write about, its never been easy for me to come up with words although I always end up with something…

where should I start? lets see

 I think that this post shows how unconnected I am. But you know, this is how I want this post to be, I want to speak about everything is my mind.. I have so many small things to tell that can’t be each in a post.

yesterday I took the day off from work and drove all the way to Barstow, its a 3 hours drive from LA, I went there to shop for Eid ) . I’ve never been to Barstow before that’s why I wanted to go I heard that they have a very nice mall over there, I left home at 9:00am with Judith and she should be the best in directions cuz everybody knows that I eally suck when itcomes to direction or as I always say “I’m the queen in getting lost” LOL, she pulled out the directions from yahoo map as she always does and we hit the road.we got to the 15 freeway and we started looking for the exit we were suppose to take and it was foothill exit,take right, take left, go there, turn here, and ops we got to a dead end and there is nothing there!!! Judith? r u sure u got the right map?? Judith: “yes I’m sure, freakin yahoo map man, this is the second time we try yahoo maps and we get a weird directions”. if u saw me at that time u would think that I’m crazy cuz I was laughing  so bad, I was thinking in my head “we will get lost cuz i’m sure that she is with me and my curse of being lost will effect her too”. I decided to stop by the first gas station and ask for the right directions, I got it and we arrived there after 2 hours of being lost.very nice mall all the big stores there, god I got a lot of stuff.

WOW,, this unconnected stream of thoughts seems to be longer than I thought!

I’m off in Monday, it will be the first day of Eid, I want to take off with my folks to the Arabic community, they have a very nice activities on Eid, we r gonna join them for the prayer and we gonna spend the day out with the family, I’m so excited especially that Hashem will be intdroduced to out Eid, he been giving us a hard time lately about how come we don’t celebrate chrismas and easter and thanks giving, I think its gonna be a good for him to know our Eid .

What else I have in mind to share on this blog?

There is someone I miss.. Laila…I tried to talk to her the other day but she wasn’t there her mom answered and she was so happy that I called as always, she is been always treating me like a doughter and I really miss her taking care of me when my mom wasn’t with me

 ”walahi ya 5alto Laila kteer ma3joo2a 3am bet7ader 7alha la kateb el ktab o ma namat mn youmean ya 7aram o 5soosan enno jad leesa eja el osboo3 el madi”

“eamyta el 5otbbeh 5alto mshan ajareb a7keeha marra tanyeh”

“walahi ya 5alto inshalla nawo 3ala youm 26/10 inshalla 3o2balek”

“telami 5alto b 7ayatek inshslla, salmi la laila o barkeelha 3anni”

Congratulation Laila and best wishes for u and ur future husband

Did you have enough from my unrelated talks? Ok catch you later then!

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  1. Abu el Yosor Says:

    this is the relation between friends :) happy 4 u both ,,and mabrook to jaretna w alah yetamem bkher ,,and 3o2bal our friend mai inshallah ,,

  2. Maioush Says:

    Thanks man, I’m so excited about my trip to jordan, I miss everybody

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