The Silence Of My Heart


In the silence of my heart

My mind still cries for answers.

The pain comes calling once again

and tears wash through my soul.

The need to understand still so strong,

the love once felt so close at hand.

Temptation to reach out to you.

Almost I fall into it’s reach.

Almost to touch your hand

Almost to hear your voice

Almost to share you spirit

Almost to love you once more.


So close to my heart

The memories linger

and in the stillness of my being

still beckon to me.

7 Responses to “The Silence Of My Heart”

  1. Dima Says:

    Oh how sweet~ Yesterday I was so down and told ‘T’ that I wish he’s here for a quick hug,, that would cheer me up BIG TIME!

    It’s funny how sometimes when you miss people who are close to your heart, the little things such as hearing their voices would give you the biggest push.. and the sweetest smile!

  2. kinziblogs Says:

    May God’s love reach down and fill that empty place today!

  3. Red Rose Says:

    Almost to pursue ayou in a dream ..even still a dream but you live in everyday..

    Pure words Mioush..keep it up friend.

  4. jumana Says:

    this is painful maioush

  5. mk Says:

    i love it it has so much to tell and it as so much life ……you did a great job i love it =]

  6. Nancy Says:

    ohhh verry nice one….

  7. melissa Says:

    Made me cry. so peacefull, so beautifull. can’t expres how much i love it.

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