Don’t you never ever jump out of your bed like crazy when you wake up and realize that you’ll be late for work because you just over slept.. And I repeat.. DO NOT JUMP OUT OF YOUR BED LIKE CRAZY!!! You will never like the results AT ALL!!! :(

Years ago when I stopped sleeping like normal people, I stopped waking up using the alarm because I would be awake most of the time, but occasionally  I decide to sleep for few hours, and for my bad luck my alarm doesn’t go on, and I end up LATE!!

And today is one of those days, I woke up 45 minutes late (la2 el mseebeh mama kanat sa7yeh, ,mesh enha tsa7eeni.. abdan, tarkani naymeh bel 3asal), so when I opened my eyes, and by the time I realized that I’m late, I jumped out of bed like CRAZY I reached the bedroom door in one step.. but OOOOUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCH, I guess I hurt my back.. Stupid Mai.. Stupid ::sigh::

“It’s ok, I’ll be fine after couple of minutes” that’s what I tried to convince myself to get into the shower.. but I guess I was wrong!!

I really have to stop some of my bad habits, I’m a hyper person, o move fast, I talk fast, I drive fast “not any more el 7amdella :) ” .. Seriously.. I injure myself a lot because of these bad bad bad habits of mine.


  1. bara2 Says:

    6ayab ana kan 3nde 3ade a2’a6a3 .. kont a2om mesta3jele a5bo6 belta5et ele fo2e .. etshawahet ya benet .. bs hala2 fesh fo2e ta5et looooooooooool 3leke azete dahrek ya benet?? salamat retha bestet eljeran wala ente :P

  2. Red Rose Says:

    2na I talk very fast, answer fast before people continue their questions or requests and Decide wrong decisions very fast! ma ba3ref I should feel guilty wella la2 bs It’s ME part of ME! I tell my boss hadi ru7 el shabab lols balek lmn nseer moms bel 30’s will change?I don’t think so.
    The good news I sleep 7 hours daily :) bnam bsur3a!

  3. Qabbani Says:

    salamt LOOL
    well i had a back problem today hahaha , the window was open and seems Nasafni al hawa , just right side work the other halted hehehe

    Salamat again ,

    @ red rose , YES its TRUE miss fast :P

  4. omelmees Says:

    توقف واستنشق الزهور
    دمتي بخير
    أم المييس

  5. Sam Says:

    ouch! i hope u feel better soon! 45min late! wow! i guess your mom thought that you are not working today and she’d let u sleep in…she was just being nice…:) ya 7aram..poor maioush!

  6. Jumana Says:

    u remind me of me :)

    hope you are feeling better

  7. Jano Says:

    sawe zayi maio :D my work starts at 8 and i wake up at 8 looking at the clock on the wall saying to myself “i just need 15 minutes of sleep” and get back to sleep :) then wake up again at 8:30 and convince myself to get up of the bed.. i get work at 9:30 sometimes… i work late. and this is the everyday story since my dad’s retirement because he used to wake me up… the nice thing is my current job’s team lead figured it out by himself that its too hard for me to come at work at 8 :D so they decided that my work starts at 9 ;) try it hehehe

  8. afaf Says:

    mai, cuz i am hyperactive my self and my son became one…i tell u…try to meditate and slow down…everything will be there when u r ready for it dear…just slow down, take a deep breath and relax dear….i wish i could do that myself, want things done yesterday if possible….
    chill out and salamat…

  9. mala2e6 Says:


    salamtek..back pain realy hurts.(i got one last year.metzakreh?)

    many heartattacks happen because people jump out of bed..the body is still at rest the heart is still on the sleep mode and suddenly you jump start it..(b3eed il shar 3annek w 3an il kol)

    you need to take your time when waking up

    to losen the muscles to regulate ur heartbeats..

    i hate alarms they make my heart rate speed ..and i always wake up one second before they ring and my heart starts pounding so i wake up 15 minutes before the alarm.and shut it off

    hope you r feeling much better maioush

  10. Mnosh Says:

    yee ms3ab :s is2le mjareeb :(

    bfe2esh met2a5er wla hyper bs hek bkon mashyeh ba5bo6 be eshi :( 3amya O_o

  11. summer Says:

    Salamtek!! you did not mention this when we talked! I hope you are feeling better now. take care of yourself.

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