Tentative Steps..

Foolish imaginations.

Tumultuous thoughts.

Confusion reigns.

Two souls connect, but to what end?

What is expected?

Drawn to each other, yet not.

What is this I feel?

Flirtatious moment, or appreciation of heart, mind and values?

A rush of jealousy.

A momentary pang.

Laughter from another source.

I watch, my mind racing forward.

What am I thinking?

Too soon, too far.. my conscience calls out.

But my eyes watch for you.

Am I being too bold, speaking as this?

Or not clear enough.

Do I capture the moment, or tread cautiously on

and risk missing the time?

I know not.

the answers escape me.

my thoughts dance before me.

3 Responses to “Tentative Steps..”

  1. Qabbani Says:

    “my thoughts dance before me”

    i can see that

  2. Who-sane Says:

    Can we have the English version now?

  3. Isam Says:

    I swear to God if u lived inside my head … u couldnt have described whats going on better …

    This Is SPOOKY !!!!!

    am ,,,, aaaaah … I am genuinely scared right now !

    Oh and Happy birthday …

    and I am form Kufur Ra3e (Chforra3i) … and i know Maythaloun (May-thaloon) and propably i’ve been there once … i cant really remember …

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