•Mai.. Mai.. Wakeup, you are in the hospital, its 2:30pm and this is the recovery room, your surgery went fine and every thing will be ok.
•I’m cold, and my mom (back to sleep)
•Mai, you have to stay awake for at least 20 minutes, try to open you eyes, I will bring u a warm blanket, my name is (I don’t remember), and I’ll be here if u need any thing.
•(very weak) I’m in pain… (about to cry)
•ok I’ll give u something
…Morphine shot given

That was me when I woke up from my surgery, I’ve been trying not to have it for 2 years, but I got to a point I wasn’t able to breath, and it became a MUST.
I was so scared yesterday on my way to the hospital, but I was acting tough, “it will be ok” my mom said with a big smile on her face, “yeah Inshalla mama” (faking a smile).
After I finished the admition paper I was taken to my room and when it started to show how scared I was.
•ur surgery will take an hour and a half, u will spend 2 to 3 hours in the recovery room, and another 3 to 4 hours in here before we let u go home
•An hour and a half??? I thought it a very simple surgery!!!
•Don’t worry it will be fine
•OK (scared)

I called a friend before the surgery; I knew I had to talk to him; he brings me so much happiness every time I talk to him, “don’t be scared, it’s a very simple surgery, good luck”…Few words made me feel much better….
“OK Mai, the OR is ready, let’s go”, hugs and kisses from my mom, I felt she was about to cry!!! “Mama. It will be fine”
“so Mai, where r u from?” I wasn’t able to answer I was asleep before I answer.
Thank god, every thing went just fine, and now 24 hours later all I know that I’m in so much pain, I need some more Morphine but it gone.. Ok I guess back to Advil, AAAYYY
Thanks for all my friends who asked about me, the phone is none stop ringing since yesterday, its such a beautiful feeling that people love u and care about u… thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of u..

12 Responses to “Surgery…”

  1. Summer Says:

    Al Hamdulillah 3ala essalameh!!!

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    7amdillah 3ala salamtek .. did you mention my cooking when you were under?

  3. Maioush Says:

    Summer: Allah ysalem 3omrek thank u
    Qwaider: LOOOOOL, i didn’t want to mention that so people won’t think i’m crazy or something… all i remember that after i woke up my mom was laughing at me like crazy, she was telling me what i said about ur cooking and about other things she couldn’t understand.. maybe cuz u were tha last person i talked to before i went in, all i can remember is that u and my mom were in my head and something about food, (forsa adoo2 tab5ak b3d hal 7afleh)LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  4. Qabbani Says:

    oooh , 7amdelah 3a salameh .. hope u fee much better by now : )

    alf salameh 3aleki : ) :: Roses:::

  5. mala2e6 Says:

    7amdella 3al salameh dear,hope yo r feeling better now,i know the feeling of too many medications coz i was through that and believe me u don’t need them,just try the minimal of sedatives or you’ll end up forgetting everything alter on

  6. Red Rose Says:

    7amdilla 3assalamtek Miousssssssssh..really I’m glad to hear you are okay now surrounded by all your beloved friends..take care.

  7. Maioush Says:

    Qabbani: thank u very much, o yeslamo 3ala el Roses, kteer 7elween :)
    Mala2e6: allah yes3ed albek o ysalmek, walahi ya mala2e6 i’m taking alot of pain killer meds and i’m still in pain.. i’m suppose to start lowering the dose my monday after i c the doctor.. thank u very much dear

  8. 7ala Says:

    ِMaious I have just read your profile now …. mo ma32ooool !!!
    You know what ?!
    kteeeeeeeeeer bteshbaheeny mo ma32ool!
    your horoscope is Gemini, you were born in Kuwait , you came to Jordan when you were 9 years old, you love Fadel Shaker and Asala’s voice, you love arabic dancing “ana kteeer ba7ebboh” :) , very friendly, outgoing, get along with people very fast (Which is good and bad at the same time if you know what I mean), and you studied MIS which is close to my study “IT” .

    Are you sure you were not writing about me ?! heheheh 7abbaitek :-)

    But am not in USA 7mdellah :)

    And by the way … ana 7asseh eno 3m beseer ma3ek shi sar ma3y nafso belzab6 abel fatra aseereh :) 7atrok elba2y elek tetwaqa3y :)

    7mdellah 3asalamtek 7abibty :)

  9. Red Rose Says:

    7amdilla 3la salamtek Mioush..I’m glad you are better now..great you have golden friend to take care of you..Take care ..

  10. Red Rose Says:

    where are my comments disappear ;(

  11. Maioush Says:

    7ala: wow shayfeh keef edenya s’3eereh, sob7an allah, had enti o5ti el taw2am tle3ti :)
    i’m so glad enno fi sha5seyeh areebeh mn sha5seyti, bs ya reatni mibde3a bel ketabeh metlek, mshalla 3alaki ye5zi el 3ean, allah ye7meekei o yzeedek ta2aloq kaman o kaman. thanks for every thing dear, i found a new friend yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D
    Red Rose: allah ysalem 3omrek ya rab ya 3omri.. kolek zoo2

  12. 7ala Says:

    yeh :D

    w kaman 6le3ty elbint elwa7eedeh bain 3 wlad ??!!! hek kteeeeeeeeeeeeer :-)

    Wallah am glad to know you too ya maioush :)

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