Straight to my heart!


all food go to my stomach, but chocolate goes to my heart! it doesn’t make me fat, it just makes me happy :)

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  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Sniff sniff … :'(
    That’s what you used to say about me!

  2. vagueraz Says:

    Yummy —-> ,,,,,
    chocolate :) ..

    samer is upset now …. lol

  3. Noura Says:

    I gained a couple of pounds just by looking !! still I have a weakness for chocolate and it goes straight to where it shouldn’t go lool

    sa77a w hana 3arouss :)

  4. Summer Says:

    whats up with the new look on your blog? and why the photo of a bride and groom? anything i am missing?
    chocolates are always a favorite of mine too and yes, it fills my heart with lots of JOY!

  5. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Yeah Summer, we got married :) … AGAIN

  6. marwa Says:

    hahahahaha :) qwaider u r soo funny :)
    maioshka chocolate always take the direct shortcut to our hearts , no stops no signs ! its just like that :)

  7. sam Says:

    i wish i could say the same…they make a stop at my heart then go down to my thighs…even if i just look at them…

  8. JUMANA :) Says:

    mmmm yslamli inchallah ele be7b el chocolate :)!!

    o ana kaman :) bs ana 3aksek btsamene :D

  9. Princess N Says:

    Maioush i know i congratulated you on Sam’s blog but I wanted to congratulate you on yours as well :)… I wish you an easy and safe pregnancy and delivery inshalla..

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