Stop saying “I WISH”…

Besides the word “can’t,” there are two other words that I just don’t like.  The words “I wish”.  To me, the words “I wish” are equivalent to the words “I can’t”.  It drives me nuts when people sit around and say “I wish this would happen” or “I wish I could do this…”  I literally scratch my head and think why aren’t they making that happen?  If you find yourself saying “I wish” then something in your world isn’t quite they way you want it to be.  Change it.  And don’t tell me you “can’t”. 

7 Responses to “Stop saying “I WISH”…”

  1. Qabbani Says:


  2. wonders Says:

    some times people need a push or a change of perspective

  3. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    i agree…for me it goes this way: you wish for something to happen then put a plan and make it happen..simple! :)

    aham shi tkoun el wishes realistic and achievable ;)

  4. sam Says:

    i said i wish i will lose some weight..and i went to the gym…im always saying to the boys i wish you guys would sit still and not make a new mess every five minutes…i wonder what i can do about that…:)

  5. mab3oos Says:

    I wish I can do that, but I can’t.

  6. Maher Says:

    1st of all :LOOOOOOL!!! @ Qabbani!! ta7ssheeeeeeeeshhhh!!!!!

    2nd : tb ente malek m3asbeh? i feel enek sayreh 3asabeyeh hal ayyam fa ra7 aseeer aderbale be my comments :P

  7. eyad Says:

    i wish i can stop saying wish ,lol

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