Second Trust….

The time we share is special to me, a bringing back to love.

Your laughter still warms my soul, your smile still echoes from my own.

Yet I can not say your chance will come.

Questions and doubts still remain.

My hurt remembered far too strong.

The tears still all too real.

Fear beats strong within when thoughts of risks return.

Do I have the strength to wait once more?
Do I have the courage to try?

You once before asked for time, asked me to take your hand in mine.

But you walked away without a thought; I turned and found you gone.

Trust now absent is hard returned, and “time” has long run out

Sweet words can not erase the past, not set the wrong now right

I can not say what I feel for you.
Can’t say what the future will bring.

Truth is found in actions clear

I wait for yours to begin.

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  1. Dima Says:

    It takes you ages to build ‘TRUST’ yet only seconds to ruin it.

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