saba7kom ward :)







5 Responses to “saba7kom ward :)”

  1. secratea Says:

    that is the cutest thing I have seen this week… babies are the best thing in the worlddddddd .. i love em!

  2. Deemco Says:

    I love babies! They’re so cute. I love the last video, il walad 7ashash! He’s so adorable :)

  3. Noura Says:

    That is pretty funny !!
    Why don’t we stay cute and easy to please like this ?? we grow and become grumpy and picky, exactly the opposit :)
    Thank you for the laughs..I thought at first that the twins on top are your relatives, the ones you talked about previously..

  4. nido Says:

    Hayyik shattoura ou ad il kilmeh:ppp I loveeeeee them!!! bi3a2doooo…kol wa7ad azka min il tani:D

  5. Jumana Says:

    you should have called it …saba7kun babies :)

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