For god’s sake everything in my body is getting bigger, my belly is bigger, even my foot is bigger ya ALLAH! Everything except my #$%&@ bladder is getting smaller!!!!!

I think this is what my baby is doing to me, LOL!

baby bouncing!





7 Responses to “RUN MAIOUSH RUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!!”

  1. Whisper Says:

    U remind me with my sister in low, at the last few months of her pregnancy ,she used to say that the moment she reached the bed returning back from the WC she had to go back againe
    Yalla all this will be sweet memories when u see her cute face Inshallah :D

  2. nido Says:

    heheeee…running is the best!! so run maioush run!!!

  3. Summer Says:

    couple more months and this will be all over! nothing stays the same :)

  4. jessyz Says:

    Heheheheh and then it will be Run Maioush Run, the baby is crying!
    But seriously, it is also much worse at night right?

  5. Tamara Says:

    Looooooool :) hang in there it will soon be over

  6. Dawn Says:

    LOL everything will be OK as long as you don’t sneeze, cough,laugh or cry out loud.

  7. Om El MEeeEs Says:

    LoooL , Allah b3een Maioush

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