Qwaider & Sweetest Memories joined blogspot????

 LOL!! You keep complaining about them, you keep telling everybody that they suck, and you end up joining them?? Lah lah lah :D

Amman changed so many things in you Q, you are not the man we know any more, I’m disappointed sara7a!

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Listen man, I’m kidding mesh tsade2, my laptop went crazy and I got this when I opened your blog :)

3 Responses to “Qwaider & Sweetest Memories joined blogspot????”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    That is true, I would like to confirm the rumors that Qwaider Planet has acquired Blogspot. All haters on blogspot beware :)

  2. mr.anonymous Says:

    lol .. that’s funny :)

  3. mr.anonymous Says:

    to be honest I have no idea what this post is about,just wanna clear smth out off topic….the above post is not of mr.anonymous!
    so dude whoever you are,don’t be hard on urself man…u can never be me..I’m authentic and your just a clone.

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