Qwaider is on fire!!!

 Look at this bloggers, I saw a post that Qwaider wrote a while ago about the visitors on Qwaider Planet, BUT…  look at this number! :D

Qwaider, beat that number ashoof! :D



14 Responses to “Qwaider is on fire!!!”

  1. nido Says:

    when was that!?!??! REALLY high number!!!

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Oh my god! I missed that one! WOW!
    Thanks for capturing this Maioush!

    1567 concurrently? Do you realize many people don’t get that in a month!?

    Thanks again, I owe you one

  3. kinziblogs Says:

    WOW! is right! :D

  4. Sharifo Says:

    kol dool zabayen…mashallah !!
    keef el 7al hoon…kolo tamamz ?

  5. Maioush Says:

    it was this morning :D

    hala 3ammi ;) wala owe me wala 7asheesh man, this is our planet zayna zayak :D

    see, so many of them sa7?? :D

    miss u buddy, kollo tamamz keef el a7wal 3endak? :)

  6. Hani Obaid Says:

    Is this to make up for the monkey thing ? :D

  7. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, are you kidding me? He liked it so much that he took it as a logo to Qwaider Planet! :)

  8. Abed Hamdan Says:

    Happy Hamede Day 14/2

  9. Maioush Says:

    LOL! Abed, weanak enta? fakartak e3tazalt el fan!! :)

  10. Abed Hamdan Says:

    ah wallah, e3tazalet el blogging o ballashet 7aleyyan anammi mawhebet el ra2s el shar2i 3indi :)

  11. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ra2es shar2i o ana 3aysha?? el bondoga ya hareedi!! el tar wla el 3ar ya waladi, ma 3endenash redalla btergos abbay!! :D

  12. Abed Hamdan Says:

    be3rafsh el wa7ad ey3abber 3an masha3ro fl hal balad..ana 3indi ehtemamaat fi hada el mawdoo3 mn zaman, o abooi bardo 3indo nafs el ehtemamat..fa 7abbait a3abber 3an nafsi msh aktar

  13. Maioush Says:

    LOOOOOL!!!! abook 3endi ehtemamat fi had el majal kaman??
    en kan rabbo el bait ledaff dareban :D ….
    Abed sho 3emlo feek bel Kuwait, sho el 7asheesh elli bteshrabooh hnak?? :D

  14. Abed Hamdan Says:

    wallah mana 3aref, lessa ba7awel akteshef serr el habal elle sabni hoon

    ah abooi 3indi ehtemamat kter, oskoti fade7na

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