God help me to remember the laughter when I feel so alone.

Help me to see the beauty on life when all seems to be dark.

Help me to remember that friendships are give and take.

Help me to think about others before I think about my self.

When I’m tired,help me to hear the real meaning behind the words.

When I’m lonely, help me remember warm moments of love.

When I’m sad, help me to find a smile in my day.

I know you’re the only one really there for me.

God help me to remember you always will be.

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  1. Lamoosh Says:

    3omrek ma ra7 tkooni la7alek tool ma e7na 7awaleeki ya mai
    enti elli lameteena and u made us feel the way we do now
    ya atyab alb…
    ana ba3ref ya 3omri enno marat el3alam btefham ‘3alat bs walahi law shafo tebet albek ma be2oolo haik
    ya mai enti a7san shi sarelna e7na el 5 mn 6 sneen
    allah yraj3ek besalameh

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