This is the fourth sleepless night in a row, I barley get enough sleep although I’m trying so hard, I really want to sleep but no luck.

I guess I have so much in my mind, work and the stress I deal with every single day, trying to figure out a way to have a long vacation in Amman since Laila’s wedding will be in April 4th and I have to be there at least 10 days before that date so I can catch up with every thing there, I have to prepare every thing for the person who is gonna replace me during my absence and train him so he wont screw things up for me, and plan and shop for gifts because my dad is leaving to Amman on January 11th and every thing has to be perfect for his trip, I mean its been almost 4 years since his last visit, and yes he is so excited about it.Back to me and the fact that I can’t sleep (I guess the things that I just mentioned explains a lot)…

Every morning at 6:00amMusic Plays:

A new day has…come
I see a light in the sky
Oh, it’s almost blinding me
I can’t believe
I’ve been touched by an angel

(singing STOP)

That was my alarm clock at 6:00am & NEW DAY HAS COME

Good Morning…Like the past 3 days I’m up already and just waiting for the alarm to go on to believe that another sleepless night just passed.

Ok OK Mai stop whining and get up Shower, pray, coffee (I’ve been drinking a lot of at lately,) Lets see… what should I wear today URGH I hate this time of the year, I can’t find any thing to wear, in the morning its really cold and you have to wear something really worm or else your gonna freeze, by the time its 11:00pm OH MY GOD it’s burning hot and you can’t stand being out for 3 minutes..

OK my new brown pants with a cute blue shirt will be fine for today. Hair, makeup within 10 minutes, Come on you’re gonna be late hurry up…Alright I made it; I’m in the car before 6:30am (come on you guys that’s a record for a girl everybody knows that, LOL), start engine, Fadel’s new CD… WOW, Wada3tak Ma Nseetak, Reverse, Drive and hit the road to work.

Back to the subject that I forgot what it was LOL, Oh yeah, I can’t sleep, and yet I have to do a lot of things during the day, that’s right… wait a minute who said I’m lucky because I live in USA???? Well… think again

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