Try all day sickness, 24 hours sickness, not able to eat a thing sickness, waking up in the middle of the night to throw up sickness, almost sleep in the bathroom sickness, not able to work sickness….. Whatever you want.

 I was really hoping for an easy pregnancy, this is anything but easy, I found out that my waist is about to disappear, almost there, to be honest I don’t give a shit on how I look these days, I just want to be able to  function normally, eat ya Allah, I miss eating, I miss seeing a plate of tabeekh, what’s even more crazy is that just by mentioning food I feel like throwing up, but I’m hungry at the same time!!!!!!!!!! DOES THAT MAKE SENSE????

Everybody keeps on saying that all this will go away after the third month is over, which means 4 more weeks, we’ll seeeeeeeeeee!!

Beddi MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, akh 3ala tanjaret dawali o koosa halla2!!! :(

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  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Tikram 3ainek… A7la dawali oo koosa la 3yoonek

  2. whisper Says:

    I don’t know what to say :( any thing can’t make it easier for you, ya 3alay inshallah :”(

    they said about pregnancy like daughter like mom, ask your mom what the things used to help her during pregnancy, and inshallah some thing will help you.

    bokra inshallah betseer hal2ayam zekra bs tshofee the baby face you will forget every thing :)

  3. sam Says:

    just keep on looking forward to the second trimester…it will get easier and then u can enjoy your pregnancy…if it is so bad ask the doctor for the nausea pill..the little tiny pill with a picture of a pregnant lady on it…i used it this time around and i dont beleive how great it was…i didnt have to suffer through my usual all day sickness and got to have fun stuff with the kids last summer…with 2 kids i could not afford to be sick all day long….
    when u feel better inshallah walk walk walk…exercise as much as u makes a huge difference for your labour and u control your weight gain:)

  4. sam Says:

    just wanted to add big hugs to u…bas it will pass and it will be all forgotten soon inshallah…one smile from your baby and u know it was all worth it…

    *typing with one hand*

  5. afaf Says:

    it is normal, i used to crave for certain food, and when i finish cooking, when i could stand and cook, i ran away from the kitchen…coulndot take the smell…i used to bang my head to the walls, cuz i felt so sick then…it is ugly, i know, but it will go away…inshalla soon, hang in there…
    dr used to say, the more sickness, the better pregnancy….

  6. Summer Says:

    until you get your dawali o koosa ma7shi, go here:

  7. KJ Says:

    This is all Samer’s doing! Punish him.

  8. vagueraz Says:

    ya 3alay ana ya maioush ….
    enshalla el 4 weeks by3addoooo w ma bt7essii feeehum …..

    3aqbee your baby bas yiji :P lol…..

  9. Tamara Says:

    Owww, Mai if this is feeling that bad you should take a pill for it. in my experiance naousia happens when your stomach is empty of very full. so try small snaks. in may case salty things really helped me.

  10. sozan Says:

    الله يعينك بس هاد شيء طبيعي اللي عم بيصير بس رح يروح بعد الشهر الثالث ان شاء الله والله اني حزنت عليكي بس هاد من الاشياء اللي بتمر فيها الحامل والله بيجزيكي الخير عليها حاولي ترتاحي واستمتعي في حملك وان شاء الله بتقومي بالسلامه انت والبيبي

  11. JUMANA :) Says:

    :( :( :( la t3zbeni kalas bekafii PLZ!!
    ANA bs ma shufeek online b3rf inek t3bani :(

    maioush had she byseer m3 kel el 7awamel, o mtl ma alolek fatra w btmda, et7amali allah y`7afef 3aney ya rab! ( ishrabi 7aleeb w baied ):p

    bs a`7er jomleh ta7sheesh (Tage3) ;) blash lw7am!

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