Me7tara the Zebra

Once upon a time, there lived a confused zebra called Me7tara.

Me7tara had never got the whole black and white thing. Stripes. She simply didn’t understand stripes. In her opinion, zebras looked quite like horses, so why couldn’t she be the same color as a horse? A nice unadventurous shade of brown, maybe? Or why not just smudge the black and white together to create a faintly uninspiring shade of grey? She felt that would suit her much better.

So, like any young zebra would do when faced with one of life’s more difficult dilemmas, Me7tara went to talk to her mother about it.

Mother zebra was keen to dissuade her daughter against making such an alarming change in her natural coloring. “Don’t forget, dear,” she said, speaking in her most calming parental tone, “Horses are quite unremarkable. And if you look like a horse, you might just get dragged away to the glue factory.”

Neither of them believed the line about the glue factory, of course; that was just an old zebra’s tale.

“But I’ve got a better idea!” said mother. And with that, she produced two tins of body paint – one labeled ‘Brilliant White’ and the other ‘Darkest Black’. She grabbed a small paint brush between her teeth and, instructing her daughter to close her eyes and stand absolutely still, she started painting her all over.

It was so relaxing that Me7tara, our confused zebra, drifted off into a gentle snooze. When she awoke and looked down at herself, she was amazed. She had completely changed. All her black stripes were now gleaming white, while her white stripes had turned to deepest black.

“Oh, mother! It’s perfect! It’s so vibrant, striking and … stripy!”

Me7tara felt like a brand new zebra. And she was, of course. She was a brand new zebra with a coat of black and white stripes.

Me7tara’s mother looked on with a proud smile, and quietly put away her dry, unused paint brush.

The End.

6 Responses to “Me7tara the Zebra”

  1. sam Says:

    that is a great story…that was one smart zebra mama..

  2. Gradly Says:

    good one, but … oops you forgot to include the moral of this tale. :)

  3. afaf Says:

    i love the way u get absorbed into ur created characters that i felt YOU r the mama zebra doing the paint, cuz of way describing brush painting…u r one hell of an acteress if i may assume….or would be…. u know hollywood is not that far from u…
    how do u pick the names of ur character?? and is mnee7a related to me7tara??
    i have to give it to u, great story and again u have to try to do it officially NOW…u can publish it as a story for kids…that would be great…
    peace to all

  4. luai Says:

    No illustrations to go with the story? :-(

  5. sel3 Says:

    very nice story maioush, i really liked it!

  6. Maioush Says:

    Thank you 7abeebti, I’m glad u like it :)

    LOL, you find it ur self my dear, yalla 3ad, it’s that the fun part :D

    Ma azkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakiiiiiiiiiiii, I’m not pretty do I don’t think I can make it through Hollywood :D , but thank you.. I’m so glad you like the stories,, jad enek dayman raf3ali ma3naweyati … the names LOOOOOOL I don’t’ know, mnee7a and me7tara HMMM I don’t think they r related but they r both hobol shwai :D LOL!
    Jad yeslamo, I’ll try posting some stories everyonce in while . lsn jam3eeli yahom o lama yetla3 el ktab 3ala el nos ;) 50/50 LOOOOOOOOL

    5alas wa3ed el marra el jay :D

    Thank you my dear, I’m honored to hear that :D

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