Make The Choice To Be Happy

None of us can control all the elements in our lives. 

Sometimes destiny enjoys a laugh at our expense.

When that happens,

we must choose our path. 

We can succumb to fate’s small tease or we can choose to be happy. 

Happiness can be found in many places. 

It can be seen in the beauty of a flower. 

It can be felt in the warmth of the sun. 

It can be heard in the laughter of a small child. 

It can be touched in the softness of a favored pet. 

It can be sensed in the love of someone who truly cares.

Choose to be happy.

Choose not to give in.

Choose to smile and look forward to the day ahead.

Choose life with allit’s faubles. 

Choose to be happy and happiness will always follow you. 


7 Responses to “Make The Choice To Be Happy”

  1. Rozana Says:

    WOW miss.MEMO .. this is wonderful
    i love it, i want to choose to be happy, to give in, to smile and look forward to the next day. i love your spirit
    you have a wonderful soul hayati, i wish we have the same positivity you have in life
    quick question, whos is he?!?! ;)

  2. Red Rose Says:

    Now I got it why u love this book…

    when I’m happy:
    1. Having tea with myramyeh listning to soft music.
    2.having mana2ish za3ter home made by my lovely mum at Fridays.
    3.Walikg under rain around home to have Shawerma Sandwich.
    4.Smelling fresh air
    5.Enjoying sun set between hills close to my home
    and many many …little issues Maioush..

    Tks for optemistc post there ;)

  3. Red Rose Says:

    sorry for bad typing my keybord batteries ended up suddenly ;)

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Bala happy bala batteekh … al islam howa el 7al

  5. Jumana Says:

    “Destiny enjoys a laugh at our expens”

    I don’t know if you wrote this or not. I just want to say that Destiny never enjoys a laugh at our expense. Destiny is from God, actually there is Hadith Qudsi about this I don’t recall it right now. In that hadith Alla tells us that destiny is God.
    So when something bad happens to us, it happens for a good reason.

  6. Maioush Says:

    Rozana: thanks dear for all the compliments u said, I’m really flattered, those r such a nice words.
    Red Rose: yes3ed rabbek ya bent, these little things u talked about is exactly the things make me happy, for some people it means nothing, but it means the whole world to me
    BTW..(shaheteeni 3ala shawerma) u can’t imagine how much I miss shawerma from Amman, it’s the first thing on my list LOOOOOOOOL thank u dear
    Qwaider: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL sho 7asheesh o ma 7asheesh ya man…?
    Jumana: yes dear I wrote it, and with all due respect; I totally believe that destiny is from God, and I also know that god when he wrote our books and decided our destiny he also gave us brains to think and make choices through our life, that’s exactly why people who kill themselves will be punished because as mush as it’s a destiny, its also a bad choice, if look at the big picture u would know what I’m talking about.

  7. Red Rose Says:

    ya salam ya enti mn el Fares fi 3iz el matar wel ju3 ba3 el dawam!! you are going to kill me now ;) I DHL you piece ya setti betmuni ;)

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