Maioush Golden Birthday

Yeah well… :)  Everybody I know greeted me for my birthday already :) … this was a great one, my golden because today is May.26 and I just turned 26 :) , this happens only once in your life time.. on the 26th I turned 26 .. heheheh cool.. 

it all started last night at 12:00am PT when I started getting messages from all my friends back in Jordan, that felt wonderful.. thanks guys thanks to all of you.After Mnosh found out through my profile that it was my birthday, the other knew too :D , thanks for all of you, Isam, Sel3, Qwaider, Dima, Nido, Who-Sane, Qabbani (hope I didn’t forget anyone) .. thanks to all of you, you guys are really great :)

Well, in the morning I was pretty busy on the phone with all my friends.. seriously guys, friends are awesome?? I got calls from all my friends, even the ones I didn’t really talk to during the whole year :D … they remember my birthday because of independence day on Jordan LOOOOOOL .. that a day you’ll never forger, the next day is Maioush’s Birthday ;)

My evening was incredible, Fatina planned a party for me although I asked not to “I’m glad she didn’t listen to me :D ), it turned my mood upside down… I was jumping, singing, dancing, and don’t even let me start about the food my coffee ice cream cake.. YUM YUM YUM, I wish you were there.. “Yalla inshalla el saneh el jay” :D … Very special thanks to you Fatoon :D …

This is a BIG thank you for everybody.. my birthday is over, I danced, sang, got some great gifts, from candles, to clothes, to perfumes, to jewelry…  WOW. Really great :D

Yalla ya jama3a, nshoofkom el 3eid el meelad el jay inshalla .. thanks 3an jad :)

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  1. Mnosh Says:

    I was the first LooooooooL :D
    inshalah kol ayamek a3yaaad ya rab :hug:
    to me, u can forget my name but dare u forget my birthday :P

  2. summer Says:

    Happy Birthday, although i missed it!! Have a great year and inshalalh by your 27th birthday you will be married!!! :)

  3. Sel3 Says:

    Oh! me too will turn 26 on the 26th, but in two years! i never thought of it, I should start preparing for it from now! happy birthday.

  4. Red Rose Says:

    I am late again!! Happy Happy Birthday Maioush ..glad that you enjoyed and mabrouk 3al gifts..ya 3ami 7abbabeh hal Maioush we should shower you with roses as a gift..yalla MWA and enjoy to the fullest dear :)

  5. Na3ouri Says:

    Happy Birthday

  6. Jumana Says:

    Happy Bday maioush :)

  7. Sam Says:

    happy belated birthday:)

  8. Who-sane Says:


    Happy Golden Birthday golden girl :-D (I’m saying it again cuz it sounds more relevant saying it here)

  9. 7aki Fadi Says:


    Happy Birthday buddy :) 26 is a nice number, I would consider stopping here .

    May 26th, year 2008:

    Person: How old are you Mai?
    mai: this is my first year 26th anniversary.


  10. hamede Says:

    Happy day.

  11. Qabbani Says:

    :) i know just one maioush :P

  12. 7usam Says:

    Happy Birthday :D

  13. Maioush Says:

    Yes dear, you were the first one :).. by the way, when is your birthday ?

    Married??? Leash tayeb??? You sound like my mama LOOOOOOOOOOL let me enjoy Kaman shwai, I’m not looking forward for it :D LOOOOOOOOOL

    Tayeb yalla good for you.. see, know you know when is your golden birthday :D, thanks dear

    Red Rose:
    Allah yese3dek ya atyabek ya bent.. ma ana Kaman kont late 3ala el birthday ta3ek, so heak ma 7ada betla3 ma72o2 :D .. teslami ya rab walahi enek mkabreh rasi b kalameh el 7elo :D

    Thank you very much, kolak zoo2.

    Thanks ya amar.. allah yese3dek :)

    Thank you Sam.. :)

    LOOOOOOOOL thanks buddy :)

    7aki Fadi:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL that’s exactly what I’m planning to do :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL … ana 2oltelhom .. 5alas ba3d heak kol saneh ba3d saneh yadoob :D la 7ada yeeji soobi :D

    Thank you kteer

    Neyalli :D LOOOOOOL

    thank you dear

  14. Abed Hamdan Says:

    Happy Birthday, 3o2bal 100 sane :)

  15. noura Says:

    Well, happy belated birthday.. Better late than never, right ??
    I wish you good health, peace of mind and lots of happiness..

  16. Isam Says:

    Happy birthday … although i said it on ur previous post but it seems u didnt see it … and as a “Sa7eb Wajeb” i had to be sure :)

    Peace !

  17. Mnosh Says:

    24/7 (H)

  18. kinziblogs Says:

    Happy birthday sweet one!

  19. mala2e6 Says:


    happy birthday 7abeebty ..3o2bal il 100 ya rab..hope that al your days be filled with joy

    esh my birthday is over

    la2 ya mama


    ana ma khasny

    bedy cake


    maiuosh..u deserve the i wish you the best alwaysssssssss

  20. ola Says:

    Happy birthday! 3o2bal el 100…

  21. Maioush Says:

    Thanks man.. kolak zoo2 :D

    better late than never.. so true :) … thanks for the sweet wishes my dear :)

    Buddy… I mentioned your name up there, you were ine of those who greeted my first .. thanks :)

    3ala tool el 5at 7abeebti :D

    Thanks sweety .. you are the sweet one walahi :)

    Thank you very much ya 3omri, wala yhemmek a7la cake la a7la Mala2e6 :) .. ab3atlek b FedEx? Tekram 3eanteanek enti 3endi b cake?? :D

    Allah yes3ed albek thank you very much dear :)

  22. afaf Says:

    Happy Birthday, maioush and many happy returns of ur golden birthday dear….

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