I don’t know why I always get fed up with this kind of people.I seldom, or I can say I never like to argue with others. But then, I don’t know why that whenever I have a conversation with those people, always end up in a frustration mood.

Well, they never agree with others. What’s in their opinion is always right and others are always wrong. Yes, never, and not a single thing that they ever agree with. What make me frustrated is that when they feel like they are about to lose, they will raise up their voice to support their opinion.

Let them be, I got nothing to lose. And there is no right and wrong after all.

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  1. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Can you please teach me how to raise your voice in a comment? :)

    Take it easy. There are many ways to do this. Either by letting it go, or by confronting them

  2. Maioush Says:

    Samer those people are driving me crazy… they are just arguing for the sake of it.. they don’t listen!!!! Ya rabbiiiiiii.. it’s either their way or the high way.. what on earth???
    Walahi I take it easy 99% of the time, but sometimes they get to my last nerve!!

  3. Dima Says:

    Some people think if they don’t agree the will get more attention ;) not too smart I guess :D

  4. Qabbani Says:

    hey :)

    do u know , that its a problem in the personality, and its fact , some ppl Really believe that they are RIGHT 100% , and argue for that with power, and you can’t convince them that its not RIGHT , or even talk

    i know many ppl like that and the only thing is

    typ , okay , 5als , zay ma bedkom , mashi ,


  5. Jasim Says:

    e7ki ana sho bakrahom :S

    True.. let them be :s

  6. bara2 Says:

    those people are weak, stupid and have a low self esteem
    they think that by raising their voices , they are solving the prob .. i hate them .. i hate those people who just think of nothing but their own opinion .. bene w benek ” m3a2adeen”
    so let them be .. w shu darer 3leke .. 5leke akbar mnhom w 5le 3ndek karam a5la2 :)

  7. Isam Says:

    balla sho ?? sho befahmek ente ? zay ma ba7keelek …


    the problem is that people mistake stubbornness with self-confidence … and thinking that by discussing u r trying to embarrass them or sth …


  8. Maioush Says:

    ::Sigh:: waaaaaaaaaaaaay far from being smart.. actually it’s stupidity itself…

    Exactly… tanshi… walahi mtansheh man, bs marrat btef2a3 enno EFT!!!!!

    Yep.. LET THEM BE

    Bte3rafi el metal “khodoohom bel soot abl ma ye’3lebookom”?? hadool el nas heak, srakh bs mafi manteq kalam… tayeb walakom esma3o sho el nas bte7ki!!! Abadan, u hate dealing eith them.. but unfortunately, I HAVE TO…

    I know!!! Enno what on earth?? I’m trying to have a discussion here, I’m not trying to embarrass anyone, and I’m not trying to prove that I’m the only one who’s right, just listen to other people MSHAAAAAAAAAAAAN ALLLAH

  9. Noura Says:

    You should do what I did…Since I don’t have it in me to argue anymore it is not getting me anywhere…so, I stopped talking all together, I just nod..why bother since you can’t change anybody’s mind…Hold a white flag and sing silenty !!

  10. Maioush Says:

    ah walahi ya Noura… ma ana heak bel akher 3melet..
    let them do whatever.. walahi i don’t care

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