Keep your dreams alive

The newest of beings needs to see.

the vivid colors of the world,

the tops of each floating cloud,

the bottom of the wondrous seas

and the vastness and depths of space.

Each child needs to dream

of being the hero that saves

of becoming the doctor that cures

of winning the impossible race

of leading a world to peace

We need to dream

We need to see beyond what is

afforded to us and reach towards

the stars once more.

We need to believe

that nothing in unattainable

Nothing is impossible

Nothing out of our reach.

We need to see the future

as a blank canvas, ready

for us to color with our own

hopes and accomplishments.

Be like the child.

Soar above the clouds.

Believe that you can fly.

waits only for you.

Believe you can change the future.

Work each day to keep your

dreams alive.

Never let them go.

Never try to take others away.

In our dreams we can move

mountains and reshape what lies ahead.

Anything is possible with a dream.

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  1. hApPybrighTbAoBaO Says:

    MaiOoOoOoOoOooOOOOOooooooo………….this really reminds me of me……this is what i’m suppose to do …remember i always didn’t really believe in myself for some view of points…..but when i read this poem…’s so true……..and i guess i have to see the view of points in a different view of point……’ve always brought me joy and happiness……your just a wonderful person… may i even put this….it’s so hard to say….for now….i can say once again….you are a wonderful wonderful friend and buddy…..thanks for everything……and i mean everything….you’ve always gave me hope to believe in myself……….:)

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