It has been so long!

So long indeed, I don’t even think that anybody still reads this blog.

Why was I away all that time? Well, let’s just say I have my reasons!

As I was watching Al-Jazeera this morning and for the first time, the screen was split into 6 smaller screens showing Tunisia on the first one, Egypt on the 2nd, Libya on the 3rd, Bahrain on the 4th, Iraq on the 5th, and Algeria on the 6th, I guess it didn’t have enough space to show Yemen, and Jordan! All I can say that I felt sad, images for dead people on each screen, blood all over the place, craziness everywhere. Mohammed BoAzizi burned himself and the Arab world caught fire.

What’s happening all over the Middle East tells us one thing; all the Arab leaders think the same way, “we either rule you or kill you”!

I hope all this madness ends soon, I’m so tired of watching people die, and I just can’t watch it anymore.

Praying for a better future for all of the people in the Arab world, and a better tomorrow for my kids, I really wish they will grow up in a better world than we live in!


4 Responses to “It has been so long!”

  1. haitham Says:

    we r still here :)
    اللهم آمين +

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    I still read it :), I will never stop :)

    The world is changing, the wind of change has finally reached the middle east and soon people will be teaching different history and geography

  3. eNAS Says:

    Dear Mai welcome back and wish u are doing great with ur baby
    it is sad atmosphere every where we go to, we keep talking and
    commenting on news and people keep murdered

  4. whisper Says:

    الف الحمد لله على السلامه و ان شاء الله تكونو كلكم بالف خير خصوصي مرموره العسل لانّا قرأنا في مدونة قويدر انها من غير شر كانت مريضه :( سلامة قلبها

    خلص ما عاد حد قادر يسكت على الظلم اكتر من هيك
    ربنا يكون معهم و ينصرهم و يحقن دماؤهم يا رب

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