If you never dream

You will never reach the summit.
You will never chart the seas.
You will never soar with eagles.
Your cup will never overflow.
You’ll never touch the rainbow.
You’ll never scale the mountain.
The world will never find peace.
A great cure will never be found.
You will never touch the stars.

If you never dare to dream,

You will never be all that you can be.

You will never give voice to the poet,

give sight to the artist,

give life to the writer,

or give back to the world all

that it’s possible for you to return.

Never stop dreaming.

Never give up.

Always look up

and the stars will appear.

4 Responses to “If you never dream”

  1. Isam Says:

    touching :) and so true

  2. Deemco Says:

    Nice :)

  3. secratea Says:

    true! Don’t stop dreaming Mai ;))

  4. Manal Says:

    ” when you stop Dreaming, Hope ends; when you stop Believing, Love ends” .We need strength to keep dreaming also..sometimes we doubt that we are able to make these dreams real..sometimes we think it’s not impossible to touch them and live them ,between both we go and continue the path.

    Nice Maioush.

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