If I Could Teach Your Heart To Sing…

 If I could teach your

heart to sing..

The world would hear

our music,

and echo back the

joyous strains of our

sweet verse.


If I could teach your

spirit to fly..

we would soar above

the clouds,

floating along on an

magical wave of celebration.


But until you open yourself

to life and brave to take

that chance..

the heart will remain mute,

the spirit grounded,

and all that could be will

pass you by.


Is your courage there to try?

Will your heart be open?





Await just outside

opportunity’s door.

6 Responses to “If I Could Teach Your Heart To Sing…”

  1. Mnoosh Says:

    u mostly r an exc. teacher ;)

  2. Dima Says:

    If someone is not willing to try, to have his heart open, then I believe he doesn’t deserve it.

  3. sweetlikearose Says:

    this is IF only u could

  4. Jumana Says:

    I second Dima…he doesn’t worth it

  5. Maioush Says:

    Ya reat :D ma kansh da ba2a el 7al LOOOOOOL!

    Sometimes people get scared, in other times they are really hurt, and need sometime to heal, it’s fair enough to give them the chance to know that there are good people around until they are able to open their heart again :) that’s how I like to think about it

    True, but I’ll keep trying

    Sometimes it is walahi

  6. Maher Says:


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