I wish for you..

comfort on difficult days.

smiles when sadness intrudes.

rainbows to follow the clouds.

sunsets to warm your heart.

soft breezes to soothe your soul.

gentle hugs when spirits sag.

friendships to brighten your being.

quiet times to refresh your essence .

beauty for your eyes to see.

confidence for when you doubt.

faith so that you can believe.

courage to know yourself.

patience to accept the truth.

and love to complete your life.

This is being sent to you

because someone thought of you today.

someone cares about you today.

Because of who you are,

because of what you stand for,

because I wanted you to know I care.

2 Responses to “I wish for you..”

  1. Red Rose Says:

    I loved this one ..really creative..ops I’m going to read it agian..

  2. Maioush Says:

    thank u for ur support dear
    i’m glad u like it :)

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