I will never be good at this

I don’t like Tags, I really don’t know how to answer it, I did it just for Nido :) … so here we go…

* After you die what’s going to happen to your e-mail?
-Do they have internet in death world??? I guess not.. so I don’t really care.

* Have you ever given your password to anyone?
-I don’t remember, yeah I guess so. Its no big deal for me, I give it…I change it later on :)
* What kind of a relationship you have with those?
-What? …  Who?

* Your name?

* Your age?
-I will be 26 next may.

* Your horoscope?

* Education?
-B.S in Management Information System, and a licensed Pharmacy Technician.

* What kind of personality do you have?
-Talkative, friendly, very moody.

* Define traveling.
-A way to go from place to another.

* What’s your mood?
-Happy most of the time but when I’m down… I’m DOWN.

* What do you do in your spare time?
-Dance, watch TV… and once in a blue moon, SLEEP.

* Favorite food?
-Mlookhyeh, YUM YUM … :D

* Things you inherited from your father?
-Stubbornness, patience.

* Things you inherited from your mother?
– The ability to handle stress, clear mind, and hands :) .

* 6 things you hate?
-Double faced people, fast (junk) food, the smell of cigarettes, strong perfumes for girls, heavy makeup, and traffic.

* 6 things you love?
-Jordan, dancing, music, honesty, being around people (fun ones), and coffee.

* Define work.

* Define computer and Internet.
-People can’t function with out them any more.

5 Responses to “I will never be good at this”

  1. summer Says:

    Nice…obviously, you can do it!

  2. Qabbani Says:

    nice …. or let me say 好 ( 5aw) mean Good :)

  3. redrose Says:

    * What kind of personality do you have?
    -Talkative, friendly, very moody .. I add

    – adventurer
    – fond of speed tickets ;)
    -Warm heart & humble
    -clear like a mirror
    -has an essance of lovely rage also sometimes.

    Take Care.. :0)

  4. nido Says:

    That was great!! Its good to know more about you!! your a very “fun person” to have a round for sure!! I hope we can meet one day either here in CA or back in Amman…to creat a new meaning for fun! hehe…thanks for answering Maioush:)

  5. Maioush Says:

    Thank you ya raf3a ma3naweyati enti :D

    Thank you :D wella Kaman a2olak a5jaltom tawado3na LOOOOOOOOOL :D

    Red Rose:
    Allah yes3ed albek ya 3omri :D , ya3ni law tshoofeeni o ana khajlaneh mne l kalam el 7elo had :) , ya3ni sho bedi a2ool ‘3ear “kolon yara el nas b 3ayn tab3ehe” had l2nno albek safi o zai el 3asal betshoofeeni heak :D
    Amma el speedind.. ta3ali shoofeeni.. ma 3reft 7ali o ana ma 3am basre3 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (tab3an majloota bs bokra bat3awad .. I hope :D )

    Of course we have to meet :) ..,. and I promise will be laughing all the time :D …
    Yalla talk to jeej and visit us in LA (come on don’t you want to see Disney Land and universal studio? :) )
    I’ll be honored if you guys come, really (hadi 3azeemeh rasmeyeh menni la elek enti o jeej)
    Thank you for your sweet words, mwah :)

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