I MISS those days.. I really do!!

When people used to be normal, they are who they are, no hiding behind other names, lives , or identities…

When was the normal way to know someone when you meet them somewhere, and know their real names, when lies weren’t as huge as they are now, you might lie about who you are maybe for a little while and lie to the people you REALLY don’t care about, and chances are, you will never meet them again.

Now, lies became something they actually practice every single day of their life, and I’m surprised if I find out later that it’s the biggest part of their life, everything else doesn’t matter, do you know he saying “kazab el kezbeh o sada2ha”?? they are willing to burn everything in their real life to life their lie, with people they don’t even know who that person is.

I miss the days when people used to me simpler, if I like you. I’ll talk to you, if not; you are out of my life.

Now, people act as if they adore you, but they truly hat everything about you, and call it “wajebat ejtem3eyeh”

LOL! Allah yer7am!!!

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  1. KJ Says:

    el7amdella am a simple man!

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