How double faced are you?????????

I was thinking about this post for a while now, I was forcing myself not to write about this matter so I won’t get in trouble like I once did in previous post, but I don’t care about what other people think, enough is enough!!!

I’ve been dealing with double faced people all my life, but until now, I can’t accept the fact that “that’s the way it is” or “this is life” or “you have to learn how to be like them” .. NO, NO, and NO …. I’m really sick of these people.

In front of you, they LOOOOOOOVE you, and you are one of the nicest people ever, and they actually convince that they care about you, and they really like the fact that you are around, but the second you turn your back, you turn to be totally the opposite.. what the hell???

I just can’t understand these people, if you don’t like someone, why do you even bother talking to them??? That’s the way I am, if I don’t like you, I don’t deal with you (ma bat7arkash b samak.. khalas), and if you insist, I would try to deliver the message in the NICEST way possible, it’s NOT your fault that I didn’t like you, as they say “mokhna ma taba2 3ala ba3ad”, that’s exactly why I don’t have to kiss your ass when your there, and stab you in the back when you’re not.. as simple as this…

I’m really mad… I’m really sick of these people EFT!!!!


I wrote this post within 5 minutes, and I didn’t even review it, so if there is any misspelled words, I’m sorry

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  1. redrose Says:

    lols Maioush..ya g’abra ya 7azineh ya bnayti tawli balek..this post 3asahno in 5 minutes tale3 mn el 2alb..I liked this “ma bat7arkash bi samak” it’s exactly what I do in many cases sometimes people around, society..traditions force us to be nice with some people even (we & they) know that we don’t like each other bs we have to.
    bs akeed fi 7dud..lazem ykun fi 7deud!

  2. Hala Says:

    Tell me about it :roll:

    It seems like it is becoming normal nowadays. I mean I do not mind some compliments like at work if it is necessary, but to actually become one of the people who LIE and TALK ABOUT PEOPLE BEHIND THEIR BACKS? Absolutely unacceptable! What gets to me is: You do not have to do it! So why do you insist on doing it?

    And they think if you are not like them, then something is wrong with you. Heck maybe I chose to be nice and respectful to all people within limits, and I also decided to stay away from people I do not like so that I will not have to suck up for them. Ughhh

  3. Who-sane Says:

    What you consider as bad behavior is someone else’s lifestyle. is it my ego or does that sound like one of who-sane’s amazing quotable quotes?

    wallah ya maioush this is one of the things in life that we just have to live with, but no body’s saying “join them if you can’t stop them”. They’re just like that and will always stay that way. Ignore them, act like they never existed, and if you have to deal with them, do it in a formal manner, the more friendlier you are with them, the more they’ll keep on doing it.

  4. summer Says:

    I hope you feel better now after this rant!!!
    Have a great Monday and enjoy your first day in the new place!!

  5. Sam Says:

    yeh it is like someone telling hubby to my face how much she loves me,and how i am a great person blah blah blah..when i know for a fact that she says the complete opposites behind my back..why the facade? i hate people like that and would rather stay as far away from them as possible..

  6. Dima Says:

    Cheer up sweets.. life is full of those :S But im just like you it’s either black or white.. if i don’t like you then I don’t deal with you, and that’s it! I can’t pretend anything else.. Im just too transparent!
    And I expect the same.. if you don’t like me then stop talking to me, there’s no need to act.. I prefer when people keep their acting talents to themselves and just show what ‘s truely in there … in their hearts!

  7. nido Says:

    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! It drives me crazy sometimes when I hear that people are bad mouthing me! “You were just the sweetest person on earth, what happened?!” People with two faces are every where…But the hardest part is dealing with such people on daily basis :s Such people are sick and I don’t like having them around…
    Good luck with yr life experiences:D

  8. Jasim Says:

    Gabba3at :D

    Hell yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

    When in times like these, what you’ve wrote is considered normal, hell sometimes it’s a must for some people to act like that. Well that is one thing I refuse to do, if you don’t like me get the hell away from me and I’ll gladly do the same!

    Believe me, staying away from the people you don’t like is the best thing, but can the people who don’t like us stay away from us?!

  9. bara2 Says:

    i second u .. offfffffff mnhom they are acting as if they are ur best friends but they are not actually they are ur worse enemies .. i had a bad situation once and i learned that this kind of people should be avoid … allah y5alesna mnhom

  10. unknown Says:

    i feel the unger through ur words u was ungry when u wrote the post

  11. Mnosh Says:

    raw2e :rose:

    IGNORE them ;)

  12. afaf Says:

    …and that is why i simply donot give ppl benefit of the doubt….untill proven to deserve it….it sounds harsh, but better be safe than hurt and sorry….my new way of living with world out there!!!
    but that doesnot mean that those ppl will have to get on ur nerves dear, i know how bad it must be for u, i cannot imagine how u feel inside….been there, done that…but hey, the hell with all of these ppl…walk on and never look back, baby…kick their butts out of ur world…that simple…they never existed in ur life…sah???
    in years from today u will look back, inshalla, and laugh at this situation and how bad u felt about it, and u think to ur self, they werenot even WORTH it!!!
    cheer up, dear and enjoy life as is…with ppl u love and trust only!!!
    i may sound like a vey old lady, but hey life taught me well, the hard way, so take it easy dear…nothing is worth what u put urself through…wallah…
    peace to all….

  13. Maioush Says:

    Sorry for the VERY late reply to all of you, I was sick :|

    Red Rose:
    Walahi ya Red Rose jad kanat tal3a 5la2i, el zoroof tejberek shekel, o enno el wa7ad yetwajhan shekel tani, eshi befres!!!

    EXACTLY!!!! If you are noce, they think that you are fake, and they keep back stabbing you… UUURRRGGG.
    Eno if I don’t like someone I don’t deal with them .. 5alas.. but those people keep going on and on and on.. eft walahi eshio betahe2

    Allah Allah ya 3am.. sho had :)
    Walahi ya my friend I am staying a way, but can you stop them, jad nefsi y7ello 3anni, ya5i mo 7abeenni seebo samai (sorry) .. jad eshi benarfez … I’m trying to avoind them as much as I can, but heck!!! Bedallo yet7arkasho.. sho had???

    Thank you very much, well, this post helped a little

    I hear ya 7abeebti.. the best thing to do is to stay AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY as much as possible

    Allah yes3dek enti, I’m like that too “I guess this has to do with the fact that we are both Gemini”
    Yeah my dear, I guess that’s why we get in trouble, because we expect the same, but truth is, people like us are not as much as you think, we end up to be the “weird” ones…

    Yeah I know walahi, I have no clue how I’m suppose to deal with such people!!! Avoid them? Ignore them? Face them? Walahi ma ana 3arfeh ya Nido… setti.. Allah be3een :|

    Sho bashoofak mabsoot 3ala el tagbee2 :D LOOOOOL walahi da7aktni
    And yeah, I am avoinding them, e7keelhom hommi yetrekooni b 7ali mshan alah,, walahi eshi bejlot

    Walahi ya bara2 ma ana 3arfeh sho a7keelek, ya3ni el wa7ad battal 3aref sho ye3mal, ma 3ad el wa7ad 3aref yewsaq b 7ada, ya3ni ana bala shi mwaswaseh, o ba3d kol hal ma2aleb elli el wa7ad betla2aha battal 3aref sho ye3mal… :sigh:

    Yeah, I am angry, people are back stabbing me wherever I turn, that’s sooooooo unfair!!!

    Kermalek enti, ‘3asben 3anni baroo2 ;) allah yese3dek .. “o ma 3am bajamel”

    “Better safe than sorry” I wish I can remember that when I deal with people.
    Kalamek sah.. I want to do that, actually I’m thinking about a new start, totally new, I want to start over, I wish I can do that.
    They are not worth it mn hala2 walahi, but I can’t control myself, I’m just mad
    Thank you my dear, you can’t imagine how much your comments mean to me, you are such a sweet hear Afaf :)

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