How are you doing these days?

 Well, I’m ok el Hamdolla (if you’re interested), very busy with Ramadan, I’m trying to be good this year, remember when I promised to start praying inshalla, well… so far I haven’t skipped one prayer el Hamdolla 100 times, I’m in part 21, sooret Al-Room, where are you in reading Quran?

This Ramdan is not like any other Ramadan has passed by all means, this is my first Ramadan away from my family, I’m staying at my uncles house since the beginning of Ramadan to help them with the twins, and I tell you guys, it’s a FULL TIME JOB!!! We don’t have time to do anything, includes eating, for some reason they cry every day at athan time.. what on earth, 2 of us hold the babies and the third one prepares their food, so we start eating an hour late!! AAAAAHHH!!! O miss having Iftar with my family ya jama3a…

I miss mama’s food so much, they are 25 minutes away, but baba comes late from work, and he hates it when u ask him to drive again, besides that, the traffic is REALLY BAD toward my uncles house, it takes them more than an hour and a half, so I end up seeing them once a week :(

Any way, Ramdan is a busy month, I barely have time to sleep walahi, so yen3ad 3aleana o 3aleakom bel 5ear ya rab ya jama3a, sorry for being so lazy to post, but I truly miss you all :)

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  1. Angry Husband Says:

    I’m at Part24, Fussilat :)

  2. sel3 Says:

    you were missed,
    و تقبل الله الطاعات

  3. Asoom Says:

    wow you’re reading is giong great, I on the other hand am on 11 (I blame my advisor LoL), but inshallah I should still finish by the end of ramadan!

    Yea I always said I’m not going to have kids until I’m financially stable enough to have hired help!

  4. kinziblogs Says:

    3anjad, Maioush, ashtalilik! So glad you are surrounded by those you love in Ramadan, even if it is the small trouble makers! Good training for motherhood :)

  5. sam Says:

    gosh i have not even started yet:( good for u maioush…we missed u!!why dont u , your uncle, his wife and the kids go have iftar at your family’s house??

  6. Mnoosh Says:

    رمضانك ماشي تمام التمام :) بعدني بالجزر ال 15 – سورة الاسراء :S

    الله يقدرك ويتقبل منك :)
    قبلاتي للتوم :kiss:

  7. Deemco Says:

    I’m on part 18, Alnour. Allah yitqabal min iljamee3

  8. Summer Says:

    You have been missed!! glad you are reading quran and praying too! mashallah 3alaiki, inshallah dayman.
    i am at part 17. everyday i read one! so by the end of ramadan i should be done on time inshallah.
    i do not expect you to do any cooking…right?
    have a wonderful time with your uncle’s family and post some baby pictures when you have time!

  9. Maher Says:

    Hey Lady!! Miss you out here! :S
    Where have you been??
    glad to know that you are doing fine!
    Glad to know that you are praying now a days & Reading The Holly Qor2an!

    Well..this Ramadan isn’t that good to me because its kinda hard to follow my study..there is no time.


  10. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Part 22… I hope I can pick up more on the weekend so that I can do it again in the final 10

  11. Angry Husband Says:

    I’m puzzled!
    How can women read one part a day? Isn’t there like around one week of “down time”? or am I missing something?!

  12. Qabbani Says:

    hey :)

    Ramadan Kareem :) , o zay ma Golt lek 5eberaaaa :D

    Quran 7amdolellah almost done the second one , and i guess going start the 3th in Macca :)

  13. Maioush Says:

    Angry Husband:
    Bravo, I guess u have time to read more than I do :)

    Thank you my dear… menna o menak inshalla

    LOL! You can catch up on the weekends if you have time.
    And about the kids, they are too much work bs bejanenno smalla 3aleahom :)

    I miss you too my dear, this a very hard training ya Kinzi, I’m trained to handle twins now :D

    I missed u too Sam kteer, well, about going to my family’s.. we tried but the kids have a “schedule” it gets so missed up when the kids leave the house :S I wish we can do that..

    Tab yalla bravo :) .. yet2abbl menna jamee3 inshalla 7abeebti teslami

    Amen ya rab el 3alameen :)

    I missed you too ya amar, thank you so much :) ..
    Actually I cooked roasted chicken and it came out great, I wish I took pictures

    Missed you too buddy .. el 7amdolla busy with Ramadan.. inshalla you will be ablt to catch up :)

    Bravo.. so almost the same, yalla keep it up :)

    Angry Husband:

    Ramadan kareem..
    Almost done?? Bravo!!

  14. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    missed u and ur nice posts girl…
    Ramadan is usually so busy for everyone..lots of things to do..staying up late and not getting enough sleep!

    hope ur enjoying taking care of the cute twins..kisses to them and keep us posted :)

  15. Jumana Says:

    yn3ad 3aliki bse7a w salameh…your uncle is lucky to have you around Maiousheh :)

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