Honour Killings – Jordan.. SHOCKING!!

I have one thing to say about this… SHOCKING, I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know what to say!! is this really true??

Embedding disabled by request, below is the link to the video I’m talking about, please watch it till the end!!

Watch **Honour Killings – Jordan**

13 Responses to “Honour Killings – Jordan.. SHOCKING!!”

  1. mab3oos Says:

    guess what will Saned do when he grows up?

  2. bambam Says:

    hmm they cut a finger that develops pus ? i thought we got medication for that now …
    this is pretty crazy

  3. nahser Says:

    مع إني ما بحب أعلق..

    بس المرأه العربيه (ولا أقول المسلمه) اختارت الحريه أو قبلت فيها ..و هادا ثمن الحريه المدنيه ( العبوديه المقنعه) .. مع إنه الإنتصار للشرف(هيك اللي بعملوه بعتبروه) يعتبر قتل عمد (يعني مش عقوبه شرعيه).. بس تخيلوا لو ما في جرائم شرف كان شو بصييير؟؟!!.. كان الأمور بتفلت عاللآخر.. لكن الناس (من قيل عنهم مسلمين) اختاروا الأوهن والأشد فشقوا..و الحكام والوزراء والنواب لا جزاهم الله عنا خيراً وأبدلنا الله خيراً منهم.. ولو أنهم آمنوا واتقوا لمثوبة من عند الله خير.. لو كانوا يعلمون!! ..

  4. Maioush Says:

    Allah yestor!!

    As I said it’s extremely shocking!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it!!

    With all due respect but what you just said is bullshit!!! What do you mean “لو ما في جرائم شرف كان شو بصييير؟؟!!.. كان الأمور بتفلت عاللآخر.”??? Do women needs to be threaten like this to behave as she should??? what the hell are you talking about?? So if I respect my husband, family and above all myself I do cuz I’m scared if I don’t I will be killed?? OMG this is crazy, people like are ones who makes this worse!!!

  5. Hala Says:

    Unbelievable, this is awful and sick in so many ways. It is just very wrong! For God’s sake, when will the damn law change already?

  6. marwa Says:

    me toooooo !! i cant believe that its really happening !! wen e7na ?? sho had !!

  7. sozan Says:

    هاي الحقيقه المره اللي ما حدى حابب يحكي فيها وانا مع المرأة اللي حكت انه الاسره لما تنشأ اولادها صح ما في جرائم لكن لما الاب يكون مش مخلي شي في حياته اللي عامله والام موجوده فقط للانجاب هاد الشي اللي بده يصير في النهايه جرائم شرف

  8. kinzi Says:

    I finally watched it, and shocking as it was, I I know of worse cases. Domestic violence from fathers and husbands ‘life as normal’ for most of the women I knew in Hashemi Shemali. My landlord’s daughter was confined to her room for over a year for talking to a boy.

    Didn’t any of you live in East Amman, or have relatives there?

    Garden Street is a place for runaways to hang out and try to make a living while they live in fear a relative will see.

    Ladies, please do all you can to change these laws!

  9. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    The issue is not East Amman or West Amman. The issue is a matter of rotting culture that needs to be eradicated.

  10. kinzi Says:

    Qwaider, my only point being that if you haven’t lived in East Amman, where the rottenness is a less veneered, it wouldn’t be AS shocking.

    I couldn’t sleep last night after watching this. It occurred to me that this video was using what they considered a horrible worst-case-scenario: a man killing an unfaithful wife in a rage (which, in the US, will get a husband or wife a lesser sentence). The other girl was known as a zania.

    But if they had dug a little deeper, they would have found fathers and brothers killing a virgin sister for make-up, or covering up their own incest or wanting her inheritance.

    I am so proud of you for being a man of honor in doing what you can to get rid of this rottenness. I am collecting stories.

  11. Nahser Says:

    ليه بحس لما أحكي صعب الناس يفهموني؟

    أنا ما حكيت إني مع القتل! ولا مع جرائم الشرف.. أكيد متل هاي الأشياء بتصير بعائلات فيها اضطراب.. و جرائم الشرف محاوله يائسه.. كان الأولى إنه ما يفلت الأمور (الأوهن) وبعديها يفكر حاله مش محاسب يوم القيامه و يقتل (الأشد).. هلأ خلينا نتطلع على الجهه التانيه لو شوي.. نتخيل إنه ما في جرائم شرف و نتخيل إنه المنحرفات ( والمنحرفين كمان) أوليائهم قالولهم عيب اللي بتعملوه ما بصير هيك؟!!.. هلأ هادا بكفي . يمنعهم؟! ولا بمنع الي بعرف عنهم ما يعمل متلهم..بناءاً على هاي المعطيات شو رح تكون الأجيال الجايه؟.. للأسف مجتمعنا بتنتشر فيه الأخبار السيئه بسرعه.. يعني معقول واحد يعرف إنه كل الناس بتعرف إنه بنته مش محترمه و يسكت؟؟؟؟؟! .. والأردن تقريباُ كل العائلات بتعرف بعضها و السمعه مهمه..الموضوع معقد و مش مناسب نتطلع عليه من جهه وحده.. أنا بحكيها بصراحه العقوبات اللي مش عادله هي السبب.. يعني لو كان كل واحد قتل أخته أو بنته عشان يرجع شرفه قتلوه كان ما صار هيك و كان الأهالي جربو اشي تاني يعاقبو فيه المسيئات من بناتهم..أما المتل اللي ضربتيه انه الملتزمات خايفات.. ما بظن !! من شو رح يخافن و الله معاهن؟؟!!
    مع انه طريقتك بالرد على تعليقي ما كانت كتير علميه و بصراحه دايقتني لكن ( فأسرها يوسف في نفسه ولم يبدها لهم).. والسلام….

  12. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Kinzi, I lived in East Amman. And have seen girls dressed up and had full make up without having anyone in their family practice incest with them. There are however cases where such things happen, it doesn’t really matter where. East or West Amman. The issue is Nationwide.
    I remember how we smuggled a guy and his girl friend from her parent’s house after they were shot with a shotgun and locked in a room but didn’t die. And this was pretty much in west Amman. Anyway, that is not the issue
    Honor killings are despicable acts and they need to be eradicated wherever they are. In Amman, In Jordan, and throughout the world

  13. Gigi Says:

    I can say that reading about honour killings and mutilations ( that more in pakistan, bangladesh and so on) make me feel sick and nauseus.

    I bealieve that we should sabotage these countries, by neither buying their products or visiting them for any sort of tourism.

    Would you go to someone’s home, if he has rules such as: it is ok to kill your daughter if she flirts???!!

    These are subhumans.

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