I don’t know, another thing that annoys me are feminists. They obviously don’t understand that the whole reason why this movement started was because women weren’t treated EQUALLY. This does not translate to women being treated BETTER. Realistically, if this whole equality of the sexes should occur, obviously there must be some considerations as to the areas that different sexes are stronger in. That noted, it really shouldn’t be hard for women to integrate themselves within the work force. You’ve just got to be expected to be treated equally. EQUALLY.

You can’t expect to bat your eyelids and get better treatment than everyone else. Of course I understand the benefits of doing so, but if people aren’t willing to give you that extra little bit, you shouldn’t expect it then. Plus they tend to have these massive hissy fits when not treated better as well, blah.

Seriously… WHATEVER!!

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  1. loolt Says:

    ummm, this post has me totally confused yet strangely intrigued… please elaborate!

  2. kinzi Says:

    For many, it’s not about equal rights, but trying to prove themselves superior to men. Which just doesn’t work.

    We are equal in value, different in function. It is pointless to use every opportunity to trash men when they are such amazing gifts to women!

  3. KJ Says:

    It doesn’t mean treating you better?

    Then why the hell am I always sent on guilt trips!

  4. vagueraz Says:

    I’m with Kinzi [We are equal in value, different in function] …

    but what happen to let you write this ,, you seem nervous .

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