Happy Birthday Ellie

Today is Ellie’s Birthday. Me, Verjin, Louisa, Nvard, Serj, & Ellie of course went to Japanese restaurant (wabi sabi) I’ve been to that returant when my friend Ryna left us for another job so I recommended the place for them and it was FUN. Louisa warned me before we go that if she doesn’t like the place I can consider my self died… LOL they all loved it (thank god Louisa did).. oh my god we were laughing like we were drunk or something you’ll hear us on the video (walahi we weren’t) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Happy Birthday Ellie Joon and many many years more I’m glad it was a good day for you… Enjoy the clips its really fun to watch….



This is how the rice came out :)



And I’m telling you.. it tastes as good as it looks …



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