Growing Old Gracelessly

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed something very disturbing when I look in the mirror.No, it’s not my face – I’ve lived with that long enough that it ceases to disturb me now. It’s in that area though. Simply put – I’m going grey.Yes, that’s right. I have grey hairs. Or rather, I did have grey hairs. As soon as they’re noticed, they are immediately removed, and no, two won’t grow back in it’s place, that’s just an old wives tale.The truly disturbing part is that when I spot one lately, it’s come with friends. There’s not just one or two any more. Oh no… and what’s worse is that they’re appearing in random places. I mean, I could cope with going grey if, for example, they all went grey in a particular area, so I had a grey streak or something, which might at least look decent, and would offer interesting prospects with hair dye. No, they’re cropping up all over. Mostly towards the crown of my head, and along the parting. Which was good. Less noticable there.I said was, because as of yesterday, three of the hairs in my fringe defected to the grey side. I had no grey hairs in my fringe on Saturday night. I had them last night.Now, I always thought the thing about going grey overnight was a load of hooey and could be attributed to people just not noticing, but these were so obvious that there’s no way I could have missed them, particularly given my vigilant search an destroy campaign on the little grey bastards.I can feel another dye job coming on. Any votes for colour this time? Already been bright burgundy red, and black with red stripes. What’s next? Blonde? Purple?Perhaps electric blue with green stripes?

Maybe I’ll just go all Morticia.

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