Eid, No Eid,.. Eid, No Eid.. YEH!!!

 So Eid is Friday, No it’s Saturday, la2 la2 Friday, NOOOOOOO ya jama3a Saturday.. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

This was the issue for the whole day, we called several Islamic centers, and each one of them says different thing, ENNO O BA3DEAN!!!

I hate Eid in this country, each year we have the same problem, enno tayeb if someone saw the moon, what’s the different between the city I live in and the city 20 minutes away??? Can somebody explain this to me, cuz I don’t get it!!

My family were discussing if we should celebrate Eid tomorrow or Saturday, I don’t know, but as far as I know that if someone saw the moon and the other didn’t we should follow the one who saw it sa7?? So khalas, tomorrow is Eid for us, although everybody was ready for it on Saturday, bs khalas, BOKRA EL EID .. :)

Happy Eid everybody, the ones in Jordan… enjoy your vacation, and the ones here in the states, take tomorrow off guys :) yalla have fun..

Kol 3amo ento b 5ear :)

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  1. secratea Says:

    Niyyalkom…. Happy Eid to you too Maioush!
    We do not have Eid, though near by States have it.. wallahi I am sad ;( :(, not because i have to fast an extra day, but because my brothers in Philly and my parents and family in Jordan celebrate it tomorrow..
    Anyways, Kul 3am weljameee3 bi’7air

  2. summer Says:

    Happy Eid to you and your family and loved ones!!! enjoy!

  3. sel3 Says:

    eid mubarak

  4. Deemco Says:

    Kol 3am w inti b khair maioush!

  5. Manal Says:

    kol saneh o anti salmeh Maioush :)

  6. asoom Says:

    The issue is more complicated than I thought. I’m not sure how your community does it but here basically they took into account the nearest “reliable” moon sighting from an authority figure (I think actually from ksa) did some calculations to figure out what time that would mean we would be able to physically see the moon where we are, which is what is referred to as “moonset” and if moonset is before sunset then eid is the next day, if it’s after then no eid, and it turns out on thursday “moonset” was a good 33 minutes after the sunset so no eid on friday for us. That’s probably more detail than you wanted to know but in case you were wondering what was going on behind the logic.
    Eid Mubarak!

  7. Noura Says:

    Happy eid to you and your family, may it bring happiness,health and peace of mind..
    It is strange,my friend who live two hours away from me is still fasting, eid is tomorrow saturday for her,and our mosque here said it is today!!
    It is all good..Eid moubarak:)

  8. afaf Says:

    eid mubarak inshalla.
    well, i followed jordan, since the closest mosque didnot answer my phonecalls, so i simply followed back home…so what???
    my son is happy got to wear new stuff and opend his toy, my heart didnot let me make him wait till saturday!!!

  9. nido Says:

    Tab How Come?!?!? We live really close to each other:(
    They announced -on the first day of Ramdan- that Eid is going to be on Saturday I
    Eid Mubarak Maioush, to you and to your nice family, and to you birthday DAD!! kol saneh ou howweh salim! I missed That post!!

  10. Na3ouri Says:

    كل عام و الجميع بألف خير

  11. Jumana Says:

    kel sineh w enti salmeh :)

  12. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    Happy Eid…it’s the same issue everywhere..ya3ni friday was eid in Jordan and Lebanon but not in Syria..how silly is that!!

  13. Dandoon Says:

    Ha..so it is just as messed up in L.A as in Toronto when it comes to announcing Eid…
    Happy Eid Maiosh…dont you just love it when you take a Friday off for Eid and give yourself a long weekend :)

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