Dear Mira

baby-girl-shoesWe have 38 days to go for you inside my tummy, as much as I’m extremely excited to meet you,  and hold your tiny body between my arms, I’m also worried that I will miss the feeling of you kicking inside me, you can be tiring at times, but I still enjoy every second of it.

We have everything ready for you, your clothes are all ready for you, and your crib is waiting for you in our room, we can’t wait till you join us, you will be the perfect Christmas gift for both of us, the addition that will complete our family.

Baba enjoys playing with you every night; he loves the fact that you follow his hand whenever he puts it on my tummy, he gets excited when he sees you moving actively whenever you hear his voice, looks like you will be daddy’s girl ya mama :)

I still dream about how you will look like almost every day, I wish I can have a clear image on how you look like, will you look like me or like your baba? I’m trying to imagine how will it be if you look like both of us… my eyes or his? My hair or his? My lips or his? My hands or his? Can’t wait to see all that.

I still don’t believe that you’ll be here in 38 days; I hope that you’ll be a good baby, you know that Teeta can’t make it to Seattle due to Seedo’s illness, Baba also won’t be able to stay with us for a long time because he has to go back to work, so it will be me and you most of time, hope things will go well with both of us.

I love you so much, even before I meet you, you’re the only person I loved before even knowing, it’s an amazing feeling, may god bless you and protect you always.

Your mama

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  1. Qwaider Says:

    Awwwww, 3ayyateeni :(
    We will be fine inshallah

    Can’t wait

  2. whisper Says:

    Sweet Mai…you brought tears to my eyes :”(

    inshallah bet2omee belsalameh , and I’m sure that Mira will be a very good, cute and sweet baby “allah yerda 3aleha ya rab”

    Don’t worry,you and Samer will manage every thing inshallah

  3. Simply Me Says:

    inshalla it2oumy bil salameh ya rab. the thought of it might be scary at the beginning, but don’t think.. God will be with you all the way, and when you get to that point Im sure you’ll feel great.. it will be much easier than you thought! :)

  4. nido Says:

    mama maioush ya 7anouneh :)
    It’ll be fine…everything will be easier and better than what you’re going through right now, trust me ;)
    Mira will warm up your life together and she’ll add more spices to it too! Can’t wait to see her…soon inshallah!

  5. Summer Says:

    Hey, about losing the feeling of her inside your tummy, its easy to get back…get pregnant again!!
    Many good wishes and bissalameh! :)

  6. Jumana :) Says:

    maioush enty kteer 7anoneh habibi allah y2awmek besalami ya rab :) :) w y’7alekoun la Mira :)

    w n7na kman 3m nstna :D yalla rawje shwae :P

    Love u mwa :’)

  7. eNAS Says:

    Hayatii maioush, ur words express deep feeling inside of you, a warm big big big one :)
    Allah give good babies for good parents , but u r both perfect, so ur Mira gonna be perfect too ;)
    Dear Allah ye7maki w ye7fadik
    Big love for u Mira … mn khaltoo eNAS ;)

  8. KJ Says:

    That’s so sweet Mai! I had a little teardrop in my eye. Just a little one lol

  9. Em Billal Says:

    Hello, Mai. It’s been ages since I checked your blog. I just happen to type a link that starts with M and your link came up so I decided to check before finally going to the page I intended to go to. Anyway, I was touched with this article. Same type of thoughts went through my head while anticipating the arrival of Billal and Yousef. I’m sure she’ll bring you much love and happiness. Take care and inshallah we’ll see you soon. BTW, I have the book you discussed in another blog. It’s quite an emotional read. My mom gave it to me.

  10. Mayyasi Says:

    :) lovely !!

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