Cry For The Children…

Cry for the children…Those lost souls that see no where to turn.Who’s voices fill with the rage only deep pain can give birth to. 02_580×435.jpg
pic33_30.jpg Cry for the children…Those little ones who see no love about them.Who hear no laughter in their world to balance the confusion inside.
Cry for the children…Those who can not see past the suffering of today.Who see no end to a life consumed with doubt and frustration. capt_sge_tbv54_021006150419_photo01_photo_default-512×348.jpg
pskidsbread238.jpg Cry for the children…Those once gentle spirits so clouded with turmoil.Who hurt so that they cannot see the hand that reaches out to them.

Cry for the children that have no hope.

Cry for the children that feel no love.

Cry for the children that find no value in life.

Cry for us all.

4 Responses to “Cry For The Children…”

  1. Hala Says:

    This post is really sad :(

    I mean those are children, what have they done to deserve such a miserable life? Allah ye7meehom ya rab o yefrejha 3alena. All we have nowadays is du3a2.

    God bless them all!

  2. jumana Says:

    this is really sad..feeling them is not enough

  3. mala2e6 Says:

    when we say that life is not fair..we are really being hypocrites

    people are not fair..

    we are not fair

    while some children enjoy the warmth of their cozy homes,drinking hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows some are fighting for a bite of bread..

  4. ابا شاكوش Says:

    kids pay the price of adult people action :-(

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