Come Let Me Love You..

Let me hold you under blue skies, and chase away the clouds.

Let me take your hand in mine, and together plot our course.

Let me kiss your furrowed brow, and smooth your cares away.

Let me laugh with you each morning, and love with you at evening.

Let me take the evil of doubt, and smite it with the sword of faith.

Let me be your spirit’s comfort, and brace it for it’s journey.

Let me hold you close and love you, each morning as the day begins, each evening as our souls rest, and through the years as we grow old.

Oh that I could tell you, the depths of what I feel, the joy that loving you brings, the happiness that would lie ahead.

T’was not an option to love you, merely the fulfillment of a journey.

8 Responses to “Come Let Me Love You..”

  1. narendra.s.v Says:

    cool :D

  2. Qabbani Says:

    Wow , thats nice deep one ..

  3. Jumana Says:

    those are the ecstacy of life

  4. sam Says:


  5. summer Says:

    When i first read the title to your post i thought it was this song:

    You fill up my senses
    Like a night in the forest
    Like the mountains in springtime
    Like a walk in the rain
    Like a storm in the desert
    Like a sleepy blue ocean
    You fill up my senses
    Come fill me again

    Come let me love you
    Let me give my life to you
    Let me drown in your laughter
    Let me die in your arms
    Let me lay down beside you
    Let me always be with you
    Come let me love you
    Come love me again

    Let me give my life to you
    Come let me love you
    Come love me again

    Words and music by john denver

    i think your post is much deeper than that song!!!!

  6. Maioush Says:

    Glad you all like it :)
    I don’t’ know the song you wrote, but I will definitely search it :)
    And thank you for the sweet words, glad you like it :)

  7. melissa Says:

    This is a beautiful peom. Love it!!!!!!!

  8. melissa Says:


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