Patient Name: Maioush

Medication Name: Break (Time off)

Direction: Take 1 Break until symptoms are gone as needed for stress.

Simply… I need a break, I need to take some time off from every thing around, I need to clear my mind from so many things, I’ll miss everybody, I’ll miss checking my blog, and all the blogs I check in a daily basis… I’ll miss Qwaider Planet … but I really need this

See you guys soon

Love you all…


12 Responses to “BREAK PRN STRESS…”

  1. Dima Says:

    we’ll miss you too sweetie.. but it’s ok, and it’s healthy! you’ll be back in no time.. sweeter and stronger for sure ;)

  2. Qabbani Says:

    ِAllah ma3eak , la 2tawli natreeeeenek ;)

  3. kinziblogs Says:

    Mai, as Dima said, we’ll miss you but it will feel great when you come back. Take it slow, take care of yourself, let God bless you and come back full. 8)

  4. Jumana Says:

    everyone needs such a break every once a while.

    take care and come back soon

  5. Jumana Says:

    we will miss u
    take care

  6. 7aki Fadi Says:

    We are going to misss youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    But enjoy every second of your break :)

    We will be waiting for a “clear headed” Mai.

  7. 7aki Fadi Says:

    “We will be waiting for a “clear headed” Mai.”

    OMG , Did that sound bad? :shocked:

    Ya3ni I meant inno to quote you and say inno we are waiting for the rejuvenated Mai ….OK…I will stop now…please shoot me…he he he

  8. Who-sane Says:

    Maioush! Don’t go for too long. Doctors usually recommend a week max.

    We’ll all be waiting for you :-)

  9. Sel3 Says:

    get well soon patient maioush…

  10. nido Says:

    ma ittawli il ghaibeh;) salamat Maioush! I hope you’ll be back soon…monta3isheh zaii dayman:D

  11. Mnosh Says:

    lesh kol ma abda a7o6 comments 3nd 7da, elpost ele b3do bekon “i need a break” :D? na7ees :P

    waiting for you ;)

  12. Red Rose Says:

    weinek Maiuosh :(

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