“At the Beginning”

By Richard Marx & Donna Lewis from the movie “ANASTASIA”

This sound track is one of my favorite movies sound tracks beside the lion king, and beauty and the beast sound tracks :)

 I know I’ve been posting a lot of music and videos lately, but I really feel like music these days….

Enjoy my friends ;)

7 Responses to ““At the Beginning””

  1. afaf Says:

    u r right, sound tracks for animated movies r much better than nowadays songs….
    what about “it is a whole new world”, what movie was it??
    thanx for the info
    peace to all…

  2. noura Says:

    I sense you are romantic to the bones !! are u ?? ;)
    Beautiful, never heard it before.. I like the tracks from “Jungle Book” and “Oliver and Company” too..

  3. maioush Says:

    a whole new world is from Aladdin, another movie i love :)

    god help me .. yes i am, and i wish i’m not :|
    AAWWW i love those 2, how about brother bear? :D
    that’s what u get when u have a little bro :) , u get to know these movies :D

  4. afaf Says:

    yeah, that was a nice movie, long time ago….

  5. noura Says:

    .. مشكلتـك صعبـة يـابنـوت
    Being a romantic is beautiful especially if you find somebody as romantic as you are :) for now stay away from fadel shaker and rami sabri :D

  6. maioush Says:

    yeah it was i really like it

    aaaaakh ya Noura.. these 2 are my favorite my dear, and add saber al roba3i too …. i have a problem right?? :D

  7. redrose Says:

    Nice one..there is redrose in the video lols :)

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