I remember when I was a little girl living in Kuwait how much I hated it there, I used to look forward for the summer so we can go to Jordan and spend the most beautiful 2 months of the whole year, and how much we hated the idea to go back to Kuwait again.

Few years later (1990 to be specific) we had to move like all the Jordanian/Palestinians had to move to Jordan. Everybody was sad except for us (the kids), we were so happy just because our dream came true, and we are actually staying in the country we love.

That didn’t last for long, I remember how much I cried on my first day of school, I HATED it, I started to cry for going back, it took me more than 8 years to actually like Jordan.

People around me knew how much I hated it, as a little kid, I used to be asked the same stupid question wherever I go “meen a7laaaaaaaaa, el Kuwait wella el ordon???” , my answer was ALWAYS “el Kuwait, and I get the same reply as well “ma enti konti tebki bedek teb2i feeha, halla2 batalat 7elweh??”.

As years passed by I started to get used to my life in Jordan, in fact I consider myself “terbayet” Jordan, but I always used to say it where ever I go ” I will leave this country one day, I’ll do my best to just leave, I’m sure my life in the states will be much better”

And I did, and I wish I didn’t, living in the states made me realize AGAIN how much I’m attached to Jordan, and how much I wish I can go back, but you know something.. I know for sure that the minute I go back, I’ll wish to leave again.

My question is, when are we gonna be happy with what we have? When are we gonna be happy wherever we go?

Bs as they always say : “The grass is always greener on the other side”

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  1. Sharifo Says:

    Really good post…
    BTW I lived in Kuwait too, but its was Jordan in your condition,,I went to Bolivia a little spot in latin america, and I cried my eyes out i want to go back to Kuwait…hahahaha….never knew one day will come so i pray for god i want to come back to Bolivia,,,
    how know…maybe the next country will be Darvour or Serbia….and’s always greener on the other side :D

  2. nido Says:

    Home is where Allah wants u to be :) ou il bani adam tamma3…it’s hard to be 100% satisfied with what you have no matter wut…many girls in Jordan would love to come and live here not believing that you’d love to be in their shoes right now!
    Just try to look at the best here…the greenest only, and you’ll do fine :)
    I loved reading this Maioush :)

  3. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    “The grass is always greener on the other side”

    yes that’s what we always think…human being always long for the unreachable and for what s/he didn’t experience yet…thinking if i did this my life will be better, or if i live there i’ll be happier…
    i dunno if it’s a kind of hope we get attached to?

    sometimes i wish to go back to Syria for good…yet i’m not sure if i’ll regret this once it happenes! i know it will not be easy at all and it will take me sometime to get used to my new life with all the details we miss but never thought about when they were in hand!

  4. Simply Me Says:

    all it needs is a trip back to Jordan for you to miss the states. It’s funny, crazy and weird. But it’s true.. you just keep missing what you don’t have!

  5. afaf Says:

    Dig roots where u consider home and u wont feel homesick again…it works with me…my home is where is my boy is…as simple as that, what works best for him, works as home for me…i was never attached to any country as home b4 my whole life and never felt i belong anywhere, but now, i can call where my son is HOME!! i simply put some roots here!!!

  6. sam Says:

    everyone feels this way…you have to make yourself happy wherever you are…hubby drives me crazy this way…he hated kuwait, he hated syria, he hated germany, he hates canada…when he stayed in jordan for a whole month in his own house and had to deal with cheaters , taxi drivers and the family stress he was starting to complain…so im sure if we live in jodan he will hate it as well! some people just do not know how to make themselves happy in the place they are at..*sigh*

  7. Batoul Says:

    With you on that one… we’ll never be satisfied. I still strive for where I will relocate next bas SINCE you’re here, i might wanna stay here for two or three years more lol. It’s not too bad here but I want PEOPLE! like normal ones.

  8. Maher Says:

    Nice freakin post Abu el meeeeemm!!
    i went through the same experiance as you! :s

  9. Hala Says:

    I am always whining about how much I miss Jordan, and I do wish to go back. At the same time, I know that the best option for me would be to stay in the US. I mean, on vacations or in dreams Jordan would be better. In reality, the US is better. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice certain things :)

  10. Maioush Says:

    LOL! What do we have here? Eben Battouta?? :D
    Well, Sharifo, I kow that this is the case for everybody, I was wondering, when are we gonna live in a place and wish that we can never leave!

    You are totally right, I know how these girls think, I was in their shoes once, and wished to leave, but if any of them is reading this, it ain’t pretty, it sucks, and yes, we have to believe in allah and love where we are, cuz this is mashee2to after all.

    Oriental Arabesque:
    I miss you bannout!! Where have you been??
    I know, we (humans) never appreciate what we have until we actually lose it, I guess it’s a dream what we are attached for more than hope, I don’t know , as Nido said, el bani adam tama3..

    Simply Me:
    I didn’t visit Jordan since I left 4 years ago, I wish I can take some time off and just go!

    I’m so happy to hear that, you have a home, the good thing is actually the definition of home, I’m not feeling home sick (well, not when I wrote this post) it’s just that the question popped into my head, when are we gonna be happy with what we actually have!!, I’m do happy for you though :)

    I know exactly how your husband feels, I guess most of us are like that, well I know I am, is there any place we can go to, and not to miss anywhere else?? ::sigh::

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL bs kermali ana ya3ni :D lek neyaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

    Ahlen abu kamal :D LOL!

    Exactly my dear, when I took that decision I knew that ot wa the best thing to do at that time, what can we do, you have to do what you have to do!

  11. wonders Says:

    I will come back to read your post, but for now you are tagged missy!

  12. afaf Says:

    just keep on mind:
    we cannot always have what we love, BUT definitely we can always love what we have….
    this should make ur life much easier and happier!!

  13. bellacrystal Says:

    I like the United States,and I hope I never have to leave my country.

    It is wonderful to find a country ,one finally likes,and especially,since I have pin pointed it to the South.I live in and looooooove the South.Now ,if I could only find woods and and a mountain to live at.

    Looking back,I regret,having wasted time and energy on exactly what you wrote about.Thanks for an awesome blog,there is great wisdom there,and good advice Maioush.

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