A Real Friend

A real friend can’t always make you smile..

Sometimes the words from a real friend will be angry and make you mad.

Sometimes a real friend will hurt and make you sad.

Sometimes a real friend will question your motives.

Sometimes a real friend won’t tell you words you want to hear.

Sometimes a real friend will be gone when you need them.


A real friend will tell you when you’re wrong.

A real friend will ultimately understand when you need to be quiet.

A real friend will understand when you need to cry.

A real friend will still be beside you when you’ve been less than you can be.

A real friend will respect you despite the disagreements.

A real friend comes from the heart, not from mere words.

A real friend can’t always make you smile

but when you need one,

they’ll be happy to share ones of theirs.

You’re getting this because I know

you are a true friend,

and I wanted you to know how much

I appreciate you.

5 Responses to “A Real Friend”

  1. Tiger Miqdad Says:

    thanks maio
    thanks My best friends

    with my best wishes
    Your Friend TigerMiqdad

  2. hApPybrighTbAoBaO Says:

    Hey MaioOoOooOoO….o.O….what’s up…..hmm….you know what this is pretty good….i liked it……..still like it……hahaha…….you should drop me some lines too on my space…..but then again….i don’t have anything on my space yet….but yeah, anyways i’ll probably do deal with it after graduation…….but you know what i’m still planning to go back to school…..while i’m still “YOUNG”…..so yeah…..mUAhahaHAHAHAhahaha……that’s my weird laugh……:P…..anyways keep up the good work and i’ll leave you more comments to that……you better!!!~ wale…see ya……good luck on the final :P……..and i know i’m shatra….mUAhahaHAHAHAHhahahaha

  3. Rozana Says:

    mai marrat btejra7 mn sara7etha o yemken tez3alo menha bs sad2ooni enno had bekoon a’7er eshi betfakker fi, kol elli behemha masla7et eli odamha…
    mai momken tbayen asyeh bs had kollo mn barra amma elli jowwa fa 3ax haik tamaman… o ma be3raf had el 7aki elli elli 3erefha kteer mnee7
    we love u mai

  4. maha Says:

    you are so nice person ,but i think you are not saying the right thing cause friends are always there for each others and to make them happy always

  5. maha Says:

    i met a new friend a month ago , i thought he was a great friend but he wasnt
    i dont know why i cant find areal friend
    where can i find areal one?

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