A pointless adventure

I enter the store and order my cheap-chocolate. The shopkeeper smiles briefly at me, before giving me my change: one five-dollars note and several coins. As I leave the shop, a huge gust of wind grabs the five-dollars note from my hand and throws it into the air. I chase the five-dollars note down the street. Eventually, it lands on the road. For fear of certain death, I do not rush out onto the road – instead, I wait until the hurtling cars have passed. 

After several anxious moments, it is safe for me to retrieve the five-dollars note. I pick it up. It is very badly torn. And so, without a moments hesitation, I return to the store and buy another bar of cheap-chocolate. The shopkeeper is quite clearly perplexed by my actions – but I do not care – the five-dollars note is clearly cursed and I do not wish to carry such karma in my pocket.

7 Responses to “A pointless adventure”

  1. asma Says:

    How do you know that the curse didn’t transfer to the chocolate you bought with the cursed bill? LOL

  2. Jumana Says:


    sa7a w hana

  3. Summer Says:

    Pointless maybe, but good read! :)

  4. sam Says:

    *lol* i can just picture u running after that five bucks…*loooooooool*

  5. afaf Says:

    what a nice excuse for buying more and more choco….!!
    good for u, beside u need the energy for ramadan too….
    sahteeen, dear…

  6. nido Says:

    more chocolate for u :)) sa7tain maioush! :D and kol saneh ou inti salmeh! ramadan kareeeem:)

  7. Khaled Says:

    LOL cursed money.

    By the way, your site alway brings this wierd thing on the right when using Firefox.


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