Today was my first day at the new job, I’m no longer a Pharmacy Technician, I’m starting over in a different field, the IT field.

To tell the truth, I was extremely scared, I haven’t been working with computer for more than 3 years, to be more specific, I haven’t been working with computers since I graduated, I guess that gives me all the right to panic!!

But thank god, things today went OK, once I walked in, everybody was super busy and nobody explained anything to me for the first 2 hours, I was FREAKING OUT, what the heck I’m suppose to do, I mean my new boss explained to me that I’m gonna go through a week or so of training, but my “teacher” was doing things around me EXTREMELY FAST, I started to ask myself, am I dumb or is he trying to make me think that I am??? I mean I know I’m not stupid, but he was clicking the buttons in away that I didn’t get the chance to read what he was clicking, give me a break what are you trying to prove?? DUH!!!!!

So what did I do, I just smiled at him and asked him about the documentation they keep for the system, and his first respond was, NOOOOOO :) the documentation is too complicated for you now, what did I do, I went to my desk trying to read the documentation they have, until another guy showed up, I asked him if I can set quietly just to watch what he does to get myself familiar with things around here, the guy was so nice and started explaining things while he is doing it, I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! HEHEHE I’m not stupid, the other dude was trying to freak me out for absolutely no reason.. some people are really something!!

So all in all, my first day was OK :) , I’m gonna have to study hard for the next few days, but that’s fine, I don’t mind at all, as long as I don’t feel dumb :D

I’m so excited, I love my new job, everything is hard at first, bs I promise I’m gonna do my best.

P.S: Battah… thank you VERY MUCH for being there for me today and for supporting me, I don’t know what would’ve happened without you!! I love you :)

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  1. sam Says:

    o first day in a new job..how exciting! and that teacher was sostupid…ya3ni take it slow idiot..im glad u found someone nice to help u out:)

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    3ogbal el 3aroos!

  3. secratea Says:

    yaaaaaay, mabroook Maioush… inshalla you will learn everything with a blink.. and then you will really enjoy it :)))

  4. Qabbani Says:

    Mabroook :)

    things will be gr8 with u :)

  5. Maher Says:

    LOVELY!! cant wait till i get my first Job man! love the feeling! do u have any idea how much the pay the Engineers in USA?

  6. kinziblogs Says:

    Congrats!! Good for you to make the switch!

  7. noura Says:

    alf mabrook…
    Don’t let anybody boss you around.. loool
    Am sure you will shine, just give it time :)

  8. afaf Says:

    mabrouk….inshalla lal2akbar dayman!!

  9. Jumana Says:

    Congrats Maiousheh…Alla ywaf2ek…I hope it is ok to ask..what did you study?

  10. nido Says:

    alf mabroook!! sabarti ou nilti:) ou inshallah it’s going to get easier, just give it some time and you’ll do great:D

  11. em billal Says:

    i’m happy your first day went well.

  12. wonders Says:

    yeeeeeeey!! :) I am so happy for you, not so long ago i went through the same First Day, but different details. Anyway, best of luck girl.. I just hope this doesnt mean we won’t see you around as much

  13. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    Best of luck…hope u’ll enjoy ur new job
    change is good :)

  14. Maioush Says:

    OH MY GOD :D , thank you guys for the great support, you are really nice people.. thank you Sam, Qwaider, Secratea, Qabbani, Maher, Kinzi, Noura, Afaf, Jumana, Nido, Em Bilal (special thanks), Wonders, and Oriental Arabesque.. thanks a million :)

  15. tiger Says:

    mabrook and good luck in ur new job this one is from tiger(if u still remmember him :P) :)

    btw what is ur job role since e7na zomala bel IT businuess:)

    best of luck dear..

  16. Maioush Says:

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! you haven’t been online for like AGES!!! you’ve been missed walahi :)
    i’m just starting man , so i’m an entry level for now ;)

  17. Batoul Says:

    mabrouk!! so exciting. I think im in ur shoes right now, I havent worked except in my clinicals since I grauated (3months ago) and im afraid I forgot what I would do in a hospital (that sounds horrible!! lol)

  18. asoom Says:

    oh wow I didn’t know you got a new job! That’s awesome and you know what there’s always going to be those people that try to make everything look so intimidating and scary, and some people are just kinda impatient and not good at really explaining/teaching. I remember my first job in a lab I felt so confused and I had to keep telling myself “I know I’m not stupid I know I’m not stupid”, this one girl kept trying to quiz me on everything when she was supposed to be teaching me techniques. So 3adi!

  19. asoom Says:

    Maher, it really depends there’s a HUGE range. If you don’t have experience it’s hard to get a decent salary, that’s why alot of peole studying engineering do “internships” sometimes without getting paid just so that they have experience on their resume and can get a decent job by the time they graduate. I have alot of friends that finished engineering and weren’t happy were their options or didn’t get what they want so they ended up going for the masters in hopes of better prospects. Also networking is important, start making connections!

    My dad has his degree in engineering and he started his own business.

  20. UNKNOWN Says:


  21. Jumana Says:

    Hello there! :)

  22. Aiman Tamimi Says:

    Grats!!! bs iza sar ma sar …. allah la yrodek!
    walek fe 7ada besa7ello yeb3ed 3l el IT … w b3deen yerja3elha !!

    toward the best inshalla… call me if you wanted to ruin that system xD iza 7ada za3alek.

  23. Expated in Dubai Says:

    So what’s going to be your next career jump? Santa Clause in a department store? Or mascot for a hot dog restaurant?

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