A matter of time before it breaks

He finally said it…, he finally got the courage to tell her what he never imagined he might say…, but he did say it…
He told her the hardest thing ever to be said, he gave her the choice of staying or leaving…, he gave up…just like she did…
He started to feel like he does not have the right to keep her, is not that weird?! , he always felt she is everything, how could u not keep something you can’t live without? Would you just give it up…just like he did??
he realises things are not the way they always used to be…, all that passion they used to hold for each other is gone…, he believes its not his fault nor hers…but it is certainly obvious that they lost beautiful feelings they once had…
Sometimes he thinks things could work out again…, that maybe something can be done to save what they still have, and maybe he could enjoy those feelings again…, but then he gets back to reality where bad things happen and sometimes there’s nothing can be done to stop them…
He is willing to do whatever it takes to make things work out…, but apparently, what it takes is something he cannot do…, nothing can bring him back…
And now…, he knows it is just a matter of time before they become seperated away from each other… in a way they could never get back again and heal the wounds they caused for each other…
All what they have now is a delicate fragile bond, each one of them is trying hard to hold to it…, but eventually it will be broken…

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  1. asoom Says:

    so what was her response? Did she make a decision?

  2. Jumana Says:

    he didn’t decide to leave…he wants her to decide..and that means love. I think she should stay and try to work things out.

  3. secratea Says:

    Maioush, that letter is so dark.. dark determinism?. Why on earth does he think that nothing can bring them back, and that the relationship is breaking up, while they love each other and still hold on to a bond?
    One would think, yeah any relationship is destined to end, if one is not working hard on maintaining it, but in your brothers letter, it seems that the two (I don’t want to say it is him because he isn’t using the first person) he is writing about still love each other, and that is what bothers me. Isn’t this the guy’s voice? Aren’t they the ones who have the power of maintaining the relationship (if the two love each other), why doesn’t he??
    It is not about the girl here, it is all about him. Why doesn’t he go ahead and ask for her hand in marriage if he is really afraid of losing her? isn’t it that in all relationships the girl is the one who waits on the marriage offer? seriously. It annoys me so much how males are the ones who have the power to solidify the relationship (especially when the girl is holding on to him), yet act powerless.
    He wants her, why not offer the ring??

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Long distance relation-crap! It sucks! It’s hard! It’ll usually fails!
    It requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice to make it work! Something most young men who are barely graduating school and don’t have enough resources can’t do!

    Sooner is better than later!

  5. Maioush Says:

    It’s a little complicated, I don’t know really.

    Well, trying doesn’t always work, you get to a point where you just give up, and I guess that’s what happened.

    I wish the ring was the answer, it’s almost impossible for him to offer her a ring now, there are so many he should do in able to do that, I totally understand your point, and I wish it was the solution for this situation, but unfortunately not!

    True, it’s the hardest thing anybody can do, although quitting is also hard, but I also know that it’s for the best, and if they meant to be together they will no matter what..

  6. Ola Says:

    You know what the problem is? Soem peopel think that marriage is a lofty dream, a fairy tale,and that love will be alive forever. But, it’snot liek this… when you live with each other, you know everything about each other, the good, the bad and the ugly. in order to stay alive and not fade away, Love should be nurtured all the way…

  7. tiger Says:

    nice story reminded me of someone I know!!

  8. Oriental Arabesque Says:

    typical! isn’t it?!!

    generally speaking some ppl are not willing to fight and work hard to keep the ones they love or care about the most…they just expect things to work by themself without much effort..they’re simply not that determined..
    i know many ppl like that…the want the other part to do all the compromise and settle for what suits them better…forgetting that determination is a 2 way street..

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