A Journey Of Friendship

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell you

what your friendship has meant

to me over the years.

When things were bad, I

knew that you always cared.

When things were good, I knew no

one was happier for me than you.

Your unwavering care has been an

anchor in my life.

Even when we didn’t agree,

I knew without doubt that you still cared.

Do you know that caring is returned each day?

That I think of you often and only wish you

the very best in life.

I hope our journey is always traveled together,

because without you in my life

I would be missing a large part of my heart.

7 Responses to “A Journey Of Friendship”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Whish you happiness all the time:)

  2. SentimentalShannon Says:

    Hi, Mai, thank you.
    It’s nice to share the poem by Wordsworth with my friends…
    Have a nice day…
    Wish you good luck in the year of 2007:)

  3. hApPybrighTbAoBaO Says:

    Hey Mai,
    I haven’t talk to you in quite a while here….gees…did you forget about me?….anyways i just wanted to drop by and say hi….our chinese new year is on jan. 29…so i would be off that day…and finally…i get to rest….it’s been such a long time…oh well…say hi to your family for me…oh yeah and when are you home…cus you know my pharmacy book thingy…haha…well, ttyl…see ya…miss you a whole bunch!!…LUV YA!!~…

  4. Rozana Says:

    mai ana bahdeeki kol kelmeh b had el blog l2no had elli kolna ben7esso tejahek ya 3omri… we miss u mooooooooooot

  5. Red Rose Says:

    The other day I was telling my sister that friendship is the strongest relationship ever, it lasts more than love even. In love by time..days..you get used to this person sometimes awfully get bored, but in Friendship..el 3aks..by time..days..you become closer..and the relationship strongger..time in love has bad effect but in friendship possitive effect.

  6. Maioush Says:

    SentimentalShannon : thank u dear, and wish u a very happy year too.
    HApPybrighTbAoBaO: thank u for stopping by dear, I didn’t forget about u at all, I’m a little busy that’s all, sorry. Happy new year to u and ur family… and about the pharmacy book; u can stop any time, just give me a call and i’ll drop it by ur place :)
    Rozana: thank u very much for the sweet words dear, and I feel the same about u guys, miss u too, (allah yejma3ni feekom 3ala 5ear).
    Red Rose: I agree with u about the friendship part but allow me to disagree about love, now by time love should grow stronger every single day dear, because it becomes both friendship and love (3eshreh kaman), now I’m not saying that u r not suppose to get bored, some people do, and that’s when u have to find something to keep this relationship interesting :)

  7. Red Rose Says:

    I gree on this level. What I’d like to say that love transforms to become different kind feelings..it might become wonderful friendship. Otherwise in friendship it can grow stronger by the time.

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