A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place

Click on the picture for a good laugh :D

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  1. Hani Obaid Says:

    Prepare yourself, take 15 minutes to rest so that you’ll be refreshed when HE arrives. Remember his topics of conversation are more important than yours. Prepare the children!

    It sounds like they’re preapring her to greet a king :D

    This claims it is a mockup fromt he 70s designed to call for women’s equality, based on something originally written in 1880.
    They make a good point, American’s always put the month before the day. May 15, instead of 15, May.

  2. Batoul Says:

    daroori to put a ribbon in my hair!! lol

  3. Summer Says:

    EXCUSE ME!!!! This sound like a job for a maid/hotel housekeeping staff/babysitter and oh yeah, a ROBOT SLAVE!!!!
    2al “good wife’s guide” 2al!!
    whoever wrote this, even back in 1955 was surly living in La La Land and had no concept of relationships and marriage!

  4. Sharifo Says:

    That’s soooo Najeeb’s ma7fouz “been el Asreen” there was a charachter ” amina”

    that guide doesn’t work these days..ma3 ino it would be nice add:
    Take sometime to practice PLAYSTATION, you never know when is the correct time for a winning11 match :P

  5. Jasim Says:

    Can we make copies of that? I mean we should spread the knowledge!

    Before you shoot me in the head, that was a joke! :D

  6. ola Says:

    “remember that his topics of conversation are more important than yours”

    What the heck!! LOOL

  7. Qabbani Says:

    hey :)

    nice BLUE look :p

  8. Hala Says:

    What the hell? 3anjad what a joke! Women were being brainwashed. Too bad some women still think and act as if it is the 50s.

  9. Lulu Says:

    They taught us something similar in one of the social studies classes in college. We had a great time laughing at it.

  10. Crystal Bell Says:

    Strange as it seems I act and think as it’s the fifty’s,I was born in “54,I am almost 54,I like 50’s music,50’s fashion,50’s dance steps and it’s in the 50’s outside.But,the strangest of all the most beautiful earthly man Leo is 56.

  11. Maher Says:

    weeen ayyaaam zamaaan bass!! weeen!!! a’77 3ala ‘3ader el zaman!

  12. wonders Says:

    OMG this cannot be serious :) looooool this looks like the Stepford wives catalouge.
    wow to think that some people believe this shit

  13. sam Says:

    i would have made a horrible wife in the 50’s……well they didnt mention getting a tub of warm water so your husband can soak his poor tired aching feet..LOL

  14. Crystal Bell Says:

    OH!Thank you Sam for that suggestion,now,what to put in that tub of warm water to help his,tired aching feet as he soaks,and then feels,afterwards my strokes.That will for sure help with getting him back on his feet and running again.

  15. Maioush Says:

    Thank you for the info, I didn’t really investigate to see the source of ti, but I found it funny :D


    Well, yeah.. I just found it funny though :)

    It reminded me of it walahi, Ameena and Seed Sayed, funny though :)

    U better be kidding man ;)

    Right?? LOOOOOOOOOOL it’s so funny walahi :D

    Thank you :oops:

    As Hani says, it’s not even the 50’s :)

    LOOOOOOOL I can imagine :)

    Crystal Bell:
    Wow, you were brorn in the 50’s? cool!! :D

    Wala!! Lem 7alak!! :)

    I was laughing so hardwhen I saw it :D

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Yeah you have to that allah y5aleeki :D

    Crystal Bell:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are funny :D

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