7aboob the Hedgehog


Once upon a time, there lived a hedgehog called 7abboob.

7abboob was the world’s friendliest hedgehog. Whereas most of his prickly pals would impulsively shy away from contact with anyone but other hedgehogs, 7abboob would run towards complete strangers with open arms (well, he would have had open arms if such a pose was possible for a hedgehog), his little nose twitching with pleasure at the thought of making a new acquaintance.

7abboob loved human beings in particular. They were his favorite.

Our lovable hedgehog was not at all shy. He was positively effusive when greeting people. He was a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of hedgehog. Which made it all the more difficult for him to understand why folks would shriek and cry out as he rolled himself around the palms of their hands when saying hello. He was only trying to get to know them, after all. What harm could there be in that?

One day, 7abboob finally realized the truth. Needles hurt.

Alarmed, he visited the hedgehog doctor and asked for his healthy coat of needles to be removed. The doctor narrowed his eyes and stared over the rims of his spectacles, as he tried to dissuade his patient from following such a drastic course of action. 7abboob, however, was one determined hedgehog, and he would not budge.

So, after a few months wrapped up in bandages while he recuperated in Mrs.Nara’s Hospital For Malingering Hedgehogs, 7abboob proudly revealed his new needle-less stuff to the world. Unfortunately, no one gave him a second glance, no matter how friendly he tried to be.

“A hedgehog isn’t a hedgehog if it doesn’t have any needles!” people would say, while attempting to stifle their laughter. “What a silly hedgehog you are!”

Confused, 7abboob visited the oldest hedgehog in the village, in the hope that he would offer some wise counsel.

The great, grand hedgehog nodded sagely. This wasn’t the first needle-less hedgehog he’d seen, and it wouldn’t be the last.

“Oh 7abboob. 7abboob, 7abboob, 7abboob! It wasn’t the needles that were the problem; it’s just what you did with them. You have to be careful with needles. They’re very sharp.”

And with those words echoing around his small hedgehog head, 7abboob departed, wearing a pin cushion on his back. It wasn’t the same but it would just have to do.

The End.

7 Responses to “7aboob the Hedgehog”

  1. bakkouz Says:

    And then as he was crossing the road unaware of himself, dreaming his dreams, a big truck ran over him and crushed him. and he died a horrible death. and all his friends were very saddened, one of them had a fatal heart attack and died on the spot causing others to seizure, while some of them went into traumatic shock and never recovered and they still to this day live in the mental institute where they are treated with electro-shock therapy and heavy drugs.

    The End.

    Sorry.. I don’t know what got over me and made me write that. :P

  2. Maioush Says:

    walak Bakkouz, malak 3ala el sobo7??? o mat el moshahedoon gameeee3an.. eh?
    my story is way nicer :) … urs bte3mal ka2abeh LOL!
    sho dareb bango 3ala el sobo7 :D ?

  3. bakkouz Says:

    LOL i know. sorry. bs kont mitwater shway min il dawam :P

  4. afaf Says:

    as usual..u amaze me with ur stories…especially the names…
    where on earth do u get them from…i guess that is what makes ur stories so special and that is why i like them….
    bravo again, mai…
    peace to all…

  5. maher Says:

    tb tell me men weeeen hadoool betjebehom?? do you really write them from your imagination?? ya welle 3aleeeko y benet!
    jad amazing.

    bede yake et2alfele story 3anne.. Maher el mor3eb LooL

  6. Maioush Says:

    Salamat Man, mawatelli 7abooob ya 7aramal :)

    Walahi I was thinking about you while writing it, I was like “I hope she’ll like it”
    LOL! The names :) .. I don’t know, it all depends on the story, I mean mnee7a was mnee7a and me7tara was me7tara, and 7abob is 7aboob :)
    Thank you afaf, I honored really

    LOL maher! Yes I write those tab3an :) …
    LOOOOL! U want me to write ur story, kan tedfa3? :D

  7. Maher Says:

    kam tedfa3? wallahhee kol el banat haiiik ! wallahe ba3raf!

    hadeeek el yooom ba7ke lal madam, sho ra2yek nroo7 nakool icecream be gerard ? bte7kele kam tedfa3! fakartha btemza7..looooooool

    ba3deen a’3albek testa3jele bel poem shway..? o her name is diala :P

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