The Silence Of My Heart

  In the silence of my heart My mind still cries for answers. The pain comes calling once again and tears wash through my soul. The need to understand still so strong, the love once felt so close at hand. Temptation to reach out to you. Almost I fall into it’s reach. Almost to touch […]

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Cher’s daughter!!!

I’ve been working where I work for a year now (Actually it will be a year on march 31), but yesterday and only yesterday I discovered that everybody around me, and I mean by that everybody including administration, nurses, dental, X ray, clinics, even patients, except pharmacy department, call’s me either Cher, or Cher’s daughter. […]

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Red Rose.. Kermala.. Tekrami :)

I’ve been tagged by the cute Red Rose :) and for you honey .. I’ll answer both .. tekraamiiiiiiii :D What I know about You dear .. My name? Cute Manal :) Where did we meet? Online.. We read each other’s blogs. How well do you know me? Good enough to tell you, you have […]

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Shawerma Birthday …

Today, as I celebrated with Fatina her birthday, we decided to do it the Arabic way :D , so we went to “Zankou” to have shawerma, I’ve been craving for it for more than 7 months, and it was one hell of a sandwich :D … I’ve never been to an Arabic restaurant since I […]

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Ladies & Gentlemen… George Bush…

 I I I I I I I I I I …. Ok here it is… am am am am I I I I I… Really I don’t know… Great leader isn’t he?

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Have you ever thought about the little things around you that makes you happy? Or even naturally high? :D  This is my list for the thing that makes me naturally hight…  :D 1.       Being in love. 2.       Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3.       A hot shower. 4.       No queues at the […]

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مافيش حاجة

This lady is so cool :D .. she really cracked me up LOOOOOOOOOOOL :D I have no idea what’s her name or who she is, all I know that I just loved this video and I wanted to share it with you :D And as she said… howa ento fahmeen haga??? :D

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A sweet phone call with a new friend :)

    Today I met a new friend over the phone, a friend I wanted to talk to since a started following her blog, and especially when I knew that she is here in California, the sweet Nido :) …   She was as sweet as I expected her to be :) … very calm […]

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I’m sorry because I’m being me

I’m sorry because I’m not as good as you deserve, I’m sorry because I could be a reason for your tears , sorry because I’m not a reason for your happiness.. and because you can find excuse while I can’t because you are always there while I’m not although I want to be…. and because […]

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Necklace… I’m letting you go…

  Ok here is the story… I went to the dental lab to finish some paper work to the pharmacy, I’ve never been to the dental lab before although I’ve been working at the same place for almost a year, any way, I saw my best friend at dental Dr.M and we started talking… all of a […]

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